The Forest Essentials Transformative Soundarya Night Cream Should Be The One Thing On Your Beauty Vanity This Month

Forest Essentials Transformative Soundarya Night Cream FI

If my skin could speak, at this point, it would be tutting and angrily standing in a corner, resolutely refusing to acknowledge my presence. I would understand, of course, given that for the past few weeks I have subject my skin to different weather, sweat, pollution, lots of makeup, fried food and little to no water. I have then, quite callously and in the name of living on the edge, also done no skincare except taking off my makeup before hitting the bed to slip into deep, snore-laden slumber. With my sleep also, I have been particularly skimpy, tossing in infrequent naps, if at all, before making a beeline for the dance floor and buffet. All this while I have generously marinated my face in makeup. I am just surprised my skin hasn’t all out peeled off my skeleton and abandoned me.

Now, I am back and the skincare routine is firmly in place and admittedly, I have been more rigorous with it. Which means the lotions, masks and serums have all been occupying a place right in the front of my vanity. I learned, though, that I could have been more prudent. Because the Forest Essentials Transformative Soundarya Night Cream With 24K Gold is everything I need. Actually a bit more than I need, it also everything I could want.

More Than A One Night Thing

To be perfectly honest, the Forest Essentials Transformative Soundarya Night Cream has been on my night stand for a few weeks only but I am a convert. The platitudes about it being transformative are all true. Thanks to aforementioned wedding shenanigans, my skin needed something extra, more than your CTM routine and this was just the right product.

My skin swings wildly from dry to normal without any good reason, so I buy into promises very gingerly. It was the same with the Forest Essentials Transformative Soundarya Night Cream. But I was placated. The packaging is pretty luxe- not that it has anything to do with the performance – just thought it warranted a mention. It comes with a pretty mixing and application tool which elevates your night time skincare regime.


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Here’s what’s interesting. When you first open it, the serum and the cream sit separately and this is by design- the product hasn’t gone bad. You have to mix the two (the tool is used here) and the process of swirling in the serum into the cream is therapeutic in itself. I then take a beat to inhale the aroma (not that it is recommended by them or suggested) which smells luxurious and so indulgent, I kid you not, I looked around for my ladies in waiting because I deserve them at this point. A tad disappointed that neither my siblings nor any other person could be coaxed into the job of being my butler, I refocus on my skincare regime. The Forest Essentials Transformative Soundarya Night Cream glides on to the skin and while it is designed with very dry skin in mind, even my hydrated skin (I would like to believe) drank it up pretty quickly. I like to spread it and then work it into my skin, gently massaging it in till it sinks in. One dollop of the product is enough for my whole face. The cream has a mild scent that tends to linger for a bit before disappearing.

I woke up with visibly clearer skin on the days that I used this. My skin has also looked more radiant and well-rested since I have incorporated this product into my beauty routine. The product ingredient list has mentions the presence of gold bhasma. I think this translates to a light glow it imparts and nothing, thankfully, like the shiny disco ball I imagined I would look like. My skin feels softer and clearer though I cannot fully vouch for the wrinkle-busting, fine lines-reducing properties the product promises, given that I have used it for only a few weeks right now. What I do know is that my skin is thankful, it’s great for recovery after a particularly strenuous festival month. I currently flaunt skin that women in commercials have, the kind that glows when the light hits them.

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