Forget Your Soulmate, Find Your Twin Flame


Somewhere between dreaming about our ‘happily ever afters’ and being ghosted by our Tinder matches for the third time this month, we grew up. Modern love sure is a tricky road to navigate with all its twists, turns and deadends. But that shouldn’t stop you from exploring the possibilities; if you’re lucky enough, you might just encounter a special someone who will lead you home to yourself. That, my friend, would be your Twin Flame—a connection so powerful, it can shift the collective consciousness of the planet. Twin Flames are said to be two people who share the same soul that has been split into two bodies. Both Meghan Fox and Alicia Keys have addressed their beaus as their twin flames, leaving us super intrigued, so, we got in touch with an intuitive energy healer and author of Twin Flame Code BreakerDr Harmony to dive deeper into the topic.

What is a Twin Flame connection?

“Your twin flame is a fragment of you. They enter your life to help you discover your authentic self by releasing what no longer serves your life, love and livelihood,” Dr Harmony shares. Looking at your Twin Flame is like looking in the mirror. “They will reflect your shadows that you need to see and feel, so you can heal past wounds,” she adds. A magnetic feeling of homecoming and being ‘whole’ again is a big theme in twin flame relationships, you will feel like you’ve known them forever. Not to say that you need someone else to ‘complete’ you but “the intention is that you become whole and complete within all your aspects so that you basically become who you want to be with, meaning you will find your twin flame inside of yourself,” she explains. As the name suggests, your twin flame’s characteristics will be similar to you in ways that seem uncanny, and your differences will complement each other almost like yin and yang.

What is the difference between a soulmate and a Twin Flame?

“The initial contact with your twin flame can feel similar to a soulmate connection, but the intensity is much greater. Your Twin Flame shows up to help you find your true self, and align with your life purpose,” Dr Harmony reveals. You can have multiple soulmates in your life—people you share a deep bond with, but only one twin flame. “Twin flames typically have overlapping missions, work in similar fields, or have related goals, unlike soulmate relationships,” she adds.

How can I recognise my Twin Flame? 

“Coming into contact with your Twin Flame will put your life on a fast track to align with your greatest potential. The relationship is usually unconventional. For example, a twin couple might come from vastly different backgrounds, religions, cultures or even countries. This contrast occurs because part of the Twin-Flame mission is to break down old paradigms and create new blueprints. If you are experiencing an intense connection with someone that is causing your life to feel turned upside down, you are most likely in a Twin-Flame relationship. They bring out the best and the worst in you,” Dr Harmony says.

How do I find them?

Let fate be your guide. You will attract your Twin Flame when your soul is ready to experience the intensity of that connection. Dr Harmony says, “The goal is to stay focused on your inner work, remain open to everything, and attached to nothing. This will accelerate the personal healing process so you can reunite with your Twin Flame when the time is right.”

What are the challenges in a Twin Flame relationship?

Being with a Twin Flame along with being enlightening can also be overwhelming since it may feel like you’re constantly being confronted by the parts of yourself that need healing. “This has the tendency to create a push-pull effect that most often sends them into separation,” Dr Harmony adds. Oftentimes, this also leads to a runner-chaser dynamic. “Both Twin Flames must reach a state of being complete and in harmonic balance within themselves before they can restore harmonic balance within the union,” she adds. Your Twin Flame comes into your life to act as a catalyst for growth, not as a guarantee for life-long companionship. You may choose to walk different paths after a while or stay together—both are possible outcomes—but one thing is for sure, your lives would have transformed for the better.

- Digital Writer


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