Connected And Curated: The Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru Is An Urban Sanctuary Worth A Visit

Four SEasons hotel Bengaluru

I cherish a good tipple, made by a nuanced bartender who understands the importance of hero-ing the spirit but also carefully infusing flavours into it. Which probably explains why I heard of Copitas before I knew it was housed in the iconic Four Seasons Hotel in Bengaluru. It could also be because I am consuming alarming amounts of liquor in December, what with it being the season to be jolly and all that, but let’s just ignore that here, shall we?

Of course, that Copitas has been consistently raking in the accolades certainly keeps it in the spotlight. The cocktail bar boasts of being number 38 in the list of The World’s Best Bars and number 2 in the impressive line up of the 30 Best Bars India. Copitas now has sealed its position as one of the top bars in the country. So when I was offered the chance to try out Copitas and the other offerings at Four Seasons Bengaluru, I was excited. My liver, perhaps, wasn’t as thrilled at the expected onslaught.

Room With A View

I would like to highlight immediately here that Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru is a mere 45 minutes from the airport, which going by the legendary stories we’ve heard about the traffic, makes it quite an easy commute.

I am ushered to my room with relative ease – the check-in was swift, the staff member only asked for my ID and keyed in my details on her tablet before giving me a quick tour of my suite. Left to my own devices, I played around with the buttons on the automation panels, closing the curtains and then opening them to reveal expansive views of the Bengaluru skyline. And yes, the sobriquet ‘garden city’ is certainly fitting with the tops of trees and foilage giving the skyline a verdant underline.

Much like everyone else, the bathroom and the bed are the parameters on which I judge the hotel and at the Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru, both of these don’t disappoint. The bathroom is bright and shiny and has plenty of space and a luxurious bathtub, which if work hadn’t beckoned, I would have permanently moved into. The bed allows you to sink in, but and this is important, isn’t so soft that you wake up, groaning with a backache. The bedsheets are opulent, and at a thread count that I appreciated very much.

Feast For Your Senses

The gastronomical offerings at the Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru are unique and big on flavour. Cur8 has Indian and Italian menus, Far & East serves Chinese, Japanese and Thai cuisines and Copitas has finger foods and robust cocktails. The property also has spaces tucked away where you can work on your laptop, grab a coffee and conduct a meeting. The Lobby Lounge and Terrace, the bar by the pool are ideal for when you want some quiet time.

On my first night, I was invited to Copitas for drinks with a motley and interesting group of people. This included fellow journalists, media persons, key people from the Four Seasons group. The drinks were lovely, they love a good gin cocktail at Copitas and for dinner, we went to Far & East. While every course of the meal was delicious, that night I was intrigued by the conversation that went from tourists at Genting islands to how a journalist became a Swiftie. There wasn’t a boring moment at the table.

For lunch the next day, I was introduced to the Bento box offering at Far & East. This is a gorgeous box that has bite sized portions of the offerings at the restaurant. Each bite is generous and laden with flavour. Great option for corporate lunches, for sure.

That night, dinner was at Cur8 where the chef whipped up some delicious kebabs and followed it up with delicately seasoned curries and a layered paratha that I am dreaming of to this day. The succulent biryani had me going back for seconds and it was the kind of dish that I would bookmark Cur8 for.

We finished the night off with drinks at Copitas which, as I may have mentioned multiple times by now, serves drinks that are potent and delicious. But what sticks with you is that the people at Copitas look genuinely happy. The service is prompt, the bartenders smile a lot and the woman serving us gave us recommendations that worked.

Unwind The Right Way

Though located right in the heart of the city, Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru is like a sanctuary. It’s quiet, the pool area is gorgeous and the spa and salon are tucked into a lovely nook. The spa is like a labyrinth so it’s best that you follow your therapist to your room. I would strongly recommend trying out the salon services- the pedicure made it look like I had grown new feet and my heels were baby soft.

Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru is the kind of place that offers peace and quiet right in the middle of the city. And if you’re looking for a vacation or even a staycation, this is just the place. It also helps that it is easily accessible so if you’re in town for work, everything (if the traffic isn’t gridlocking you) is only a few minutes away.

You can book your stay here. 

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- Digital Editor


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