From Fashion’s Front Row To Tech’s Trailblazer: Amanda Dorenberg’s Inspiring Journey


In the bustling streets of New Delhi, amidst the colourful chaos and vibrant energy of the Outdoor Advertising Convention 2023, a figure stands out, not just for her commanding presence but for the journey she represents. Amanda Dorenberg, a name synonymous with innovation and entrepreneurship, recently graced India with her insights and charisma, marking a significant milestone in her illustrious career.

Amanda’s journey is nothing short of cinematic. At 14, she was a fresh face scouted byElite, embarking on a modelling career that would take her around the world. Despite not fitting the conventional runway model height, Amanda’s resilience and versatility saw her shine in various international markets. Her most cherished memory? Being followed by Entertainment Tonight through her brain surgery ordeal – a testament to her strength and vulnerability.

The Pivot: Embracing Change and Innovation

Around 31, post-brain surgery, Amanda decided to pivot from the glitz of modelling to the cerebral world of tech and marketing. Her entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with her tech education, led her to merge her behind-the-lens experience with the advertising industry. She was instrumental in two start-ups, eventually selling them to major players like Bell Media and OUTFRONT.

Today, as the CEO of Billboard Canada and President of COMMB, Amanda is redefining the advertising landscape. Her advocacy for integrating OOH with other media formats is revolutionary, proving her mettle as a tech mogul. Her recent talks, from Lisbon to New Delhi, underscore her vision for a more integrated, collaborative media ecosystem. ELLE India sat down with Amanda to delve deeper into her inspiring journey:

ELLE: What aspects of the fashion world captivated you the most?

Amanda: Editorial print always fascinated me. The power of storytelling through images, evoking emotions without words, is truly beautiful.

ELLE: Can you share a campaign that holds a special place in your heart?

A: A shoot for ‘Supplementaire’. Despite the harsh conditions and frostbite, the campaign’s post-apocalyptic vibe and its resonance with current visual trends made it unforgettable.

Amanda’s transition from fashion to tech is not just about a career change; it’s about bridging two seemingly disparate worlds. Her understanding of visual storytelling,honed in the fashion world, now fuels her innovative strategies in media and advertising. She’s a living example of how diverse experiences can culminate in groundbreaking perspectives and solutions.

At the OAC 2023 in New Delhi, Amanda’s keynote address was a masterclass in understanding the global Out-of-home ecosystem and the new measurement tool ROADMAP launching in 2024. Her approach to integrating OOH with other media, backed by her insights on Gen Z demographics, highlighted her expertise in crafting future-ready advertising strategies.

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