From Runways To Premieres, Fringes Take Over The Red Carpet


When we talk about show-stopping looks, striking hairdos are a major part of it. Going by the recent celeb spotting on the red carpet, it’s safe to say that fringes are back in trend. And when it comes to fringes, a tad bit of experimentation goes a long way. By simply styling it in unconventional ways with every new look, fringes can promise to make your summer all the more playful and romantic by complimenting every look with the one-style-fits-all mantra.

And while not all of us are eternally ready to succumb to the fringe trend in these sweaty summer months, these celebrities have taken it to Instagram to prove that this signature hairstyle is a fail-safe option this season. From the quintessential blunt fringes to the latest micro fringes, these looks arrived on the red carpet with a bang, quite literally! 

Keeping up with the Curtain Bangs

Layered yet serving looks with its effortless fall on the forehead, Kim Kardashian never disappoints when it comes to experimenting with hair. A fresh take on the covetable curtain bangs called for a resurgence in the most glamorous manner by adding a subtle spark of layering. With soft, sexy, and face-framing cuts these fringes open up from the middle of the forehead and fall gracefully on the sides, ideally in a tapering form. Curtain bangs always have a universal appeal and could be easily pinned as the hairstyle to look up to for the season as it softly brushes your face to add a charming pop to your summer look.

Marc the Micro Fringe


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A post shared by Bella 🦋 (@bellahadid)


Just when we thought we had declared the most dramatic set of fringes, Bella Hadid proved us wrong. Taking the all-black Marc Jacobs aesthetic to a new level with her micro-fringe, her grunge look with bangs was styled to perfection. And we can all agree that micro fringes can be undeniably short but they are worth all the hype, especially in summer when we can style a new ‘no-fringe fringe’ look with these micro details. They are made to suit all hair lengths and look convincingly good on oval and long face shapes- adding just the right dash of edginess to any style.

From Reel to Real


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A post shared by Lily Collins (@lilyjcollins)

Emily in Paris stays in all our hearts, rent-free. But so does Emily’s trauma bangs. And I am sure this is what made Lily Collins stick to the style because let’s be real, it is iconic. Lily made waves of statements with her mullet bangs, symmetrically set across the face for a fuss-free look. A versatile rendition in itself, Lily suggested a great way to style bangs in a high-glam chic look. The lengths here are evened out only to fit the natural shape of the face structure, making it a rather attainable style of bangs to try out with a laid-back tied hairstyle to beat the heat this summer.

A Revival We Secretly Wished For


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As we talk about fringes, how can we not mention one of the most legendary looks? Of course, none other than Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada. Remember how we all went gaga over it? Well, Andy Sachs really came to life with these waterfall bangs topping it off with a gentle wave over the face and a radiant updo. Taking Instagram by storm, this new set of bangs was truly put under the spotlight with a graduating structure that made it fall perfectly on the face- going from longer, well-defined strands to shorter, inward fringes on the forehead. And yes, these bangs will surely have everyone gushing through the season and beyond!

The Wednesday-core Supremacy


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A post shared by Jenna Ortega (@jennaortega)

Epitomising the infamous Wednesday Addams look, Jenna Ortega has previously made plenty of headlines. But the only thing equally admired is her quintessential dark aesthetic brought together through her free-flowing fringes. The bangs make a point to compliment diverse face structures with an effortless overall look that fits like a glove for this season. Sure, we absolutely adore her go-to gothic outfits, and pairing them with this stand-out shag hairstyle featuring effortless waves truly served as the sweet spot!

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