Fruity Coolers To Add To Your Summer Skincare Routine


Nothing hits the spot better than a tall glass of refreshing, cooling drink on a hot summer day (barring the boozy brews of course!). The skin gets dehydrated and irritated in summers due to excessive heat which causes transepidermal water loss. Similar to the body, supplementing your skincare routine with cooling ingredients can help keep heat-induced inflammation at bay. Plus, a fresh dose of cooling agents makes the skin feel good instantly. While cucumbers and aloe have shouldered the responsible for cooling down overheated skin over the years, we are looking towards alternatives to keep things fun yet effective. Here are some fresh, fruity coolers your skin will thank you for this summer.

1. Watermelon

The summer season puts your skin’s natural renewal cycle into overdrive. The sun’s rays have a keratolytic effect on the skin, meaning it dissolves the keratin proteins that bind the skin together and resurface faster than usual. This is a blessing after the winter slump the skin goes through but with the addition of a weekly touch of a peel. You can really give your skin a much-needed shake-up but with an excellent coolant like watermelon to not overly irritate already overworked summer skin.

2. Citrus Fruits

Fresh lemonade stands are a common sight during the sweltering heat and there’s a reason to it. In addition to a mood-enhancing aroma, vitamin C-enriched citrus fruits also help minimise UV-induced free radical damage. Look for formulations prepared with oranges, lemons, persimmons, grapefruits and pomelos in them.

3. Blueberry

Most berries are considered cooling for your system. Our MVP pick for summer goes to blueberries for a number of reasons. They are very good at reversing the harmful effects of sun damage on your skin. Rich in salicylates – a salt/ester compound of salicylic acid, blueberries work as an excellent decongestant for summer skin. From de-clogging pores to balancing your skin’s pH, this rich blue coolant is essential for summer skincare.

4. Kiwi

In terms of skin cooling actions, kiwis are often considered to even trump cucumbers. In addition to calming and soothing properties, kiwis also help naturally balance the sebum production in the skin. Rich in vitamin E, kiwis also add a skin firming and brightening action to their extensive list of skin benefits.

5. Pineapple

This popular tropical fruit makes for more than delicious summer cocktails. They can help cool down the overheated skin instantly. The natural astringent property of pineapples makes it an excellent antibacterial and skin-toning ingredient to be added to a skincare routine. Pineapples are also rich in bromelain and can offer mild exfoliation to the skin. 

6. Avocado

Settling the debate on avocados, this moisture-rich ingredient indeed belongs to the fruit family, not vegetables! Rich in natural oils and good facts, avocado face masks are already a hit with many DIY skincare enthusiasts. It also contributes to strengthening the skin’s natural lipid barrier. This comes in handy to protect the skin from sun damage.

7. Green Apple

Apple peels have long been used to manage itchy and irritated summer skin. They are rich in catechins and flavonoids, potent antioxidants that will help keep your summer skin glowing.  They are extremely hydrating and known to lend a soft dew on your skin topically. Apples also work as natural toners to offer pore-care during the hot and sweaty summer season.

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