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Explore the cutting edge of fashion technology with the Institute of Digital Fashion (IoDF) as they seamlessly blend the digital realm with the physical, transforming the fashion landscape from the studio floor to the shop floor. Established in 2020, IoDF is revolutionising the fashion industry through forward-thinking technology and advocating for a sustainable and equitable future. IoDF pioneers comprehensive digital solutions, including Augmented Reality (AR), Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI), and Web3 consultancy, cater- ing to a diverse clientele ranging from luxury brands FUTURE AI Trends OF to retailers and cultural institutions. Their projects transcend traditional boundaries, from creating the world’s first red carpet NFT digital dressing to crafting a non-binary digital avatar that challenges conventional notions of identity in the fashion space. Notably, IoDF’s digital atelier has birthed the first-ever haute couture collection created digitally. But IoDF doesn’t stop there; through their IRL x URL academy, they extend their influence to educational platforms, nurturing the next generation of creators. Boasting six world firsts, IoDF stands as a testament to their commitment to building a more inclusive and future-proof fashion industry.

AVATARS – Digital Self Taking Centre Stage

Revolutionising fashion by creating hyper-realistic digital models, enabling virtual fashion shows and photoshoots. These AI-generated models cater to diverse aesthetics and are sustainable, reducing the environmental footprint of traditional modeling while offering unlimited creative possibilities in showcasing fashion trends and designs globally.

AI in beauty offers personalised products using skin analysis, enhances shopping with virtual try-ons, predicts trends from social data, promotes sustainable practices, and streamlines production. It transforms customer engagement and the shopping experience, ushering in an era of tailored, efficient, and innovative beauty solutions.

Playing With The Dials Of Identity

In the realm of AI-driven fashion advertising, a surreal campaign, akin to Tokyo’s 3D billboards, offers a mesmerising platform for product placement. These fantastical, immersive visuals captivate audiences, turning everyday products into extraordinary experiences, thus elevating the art of advertising into a visually stunning spectacle that blurs the lines between reality and imagination.

Dream Display

Surreal campaigns that subvert proportions and reality

Creating With Textures That Exceed Possibilities

Artificial Intelligence is redefining architectural creativity in art spaces, inspiring designs that incorporate unconventional textures like fabrics, bubbles, and organic materials. AI-driven algorithms enable architects to experiment with these diverse elements, blending traditional construction with artistic expression. This fusion results in visually striking and innovative structures that push the boundaries of conventional architecture, creating immersive, multisensory environments in art spaces.

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