A Look at Gaurav Gupta’s Striking new Menswear Collection ‘Meteoric Riot’

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Gaurav Gupta is known in fashion circles for his boundless creativity  and now he’s exploring his creative side with menswear. This is an innovative fun line, a far cry from the limitations set by the parameters of gender normativity. The new collection boasts strong, metallic hues with the sleek but impactful feel of materials like velvet and latex.

The pieces lend a new perspective to the concept of classical masculinity. The use of dark colours complimented by stylish cuts elevate the outfits. The concept of gender fluidity is explored with the use of corsets that emphasize the waistline. When coupled with luscious fabrics, the ensemble embodies individuality.

Through this avant-garde menswear collection, Gaurav attempts to break away from the shackles of quiet simplicity. This is not to say that the encapsulated style is extravagant or maximalist. The garments are not embellished with heavily stimulating embroidery on purpose. This would only distract from the intricacies of the elements that intertwine to give it the understated look. This is an ambitious spin on the classic tuxedo using imaginative necklines and eccentric bowties making this collection is a celebration of menswear.

Redefining what formal wear for a man looks like is not easy. For years, womenswear has experimented with prints and shapes, textures and fabrics while men were confined to the three-piece suit staple, and switching it up was rarely an option. Fortunately, today’s fashion law only requires one thing: don’t be underwhelming. And that is one thing ‘Meteoric Riot’ is not.

Gaurav Gupta has surpassed expectations in his new collection by giving us a mix of medieval and futuristic undertones while having a strictly classical colour palette of black, white, ruby, and navy. Nothing about this collection is ordinary and it will definitely make a lasting effect on how the world views menswear.

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