9 Gin Based Cocktails You Can Try in Mumbai

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As we get ready for the weekend, a lovely cocktail sounds divine right now. #WorldGinDay is celebrated every year on the second Saturday of June (whoever came up with this is a genius). Gin is one of the most versatile alcohols as it can be paired with tonic, a touch of lime, orange juice and whatnot. The world celebrates Gin Day on June 11 this year so you can have a reason to get together with your friends and family and enjoy some fabulous drinks and have a good time. 

Here are some of the cocktails you can treat yourself to this World Gin Day to lift your “spirits”.

Coco Cinq- A blend of gin, guava and coconut.
Available at Drifters Tap Station, Bandra.
Citrus Wasabi Gin & Tonic- A spunky fizz with fresh wasabi
Available at WAKAI, Fort.
Classic Gin And Tonic with Lime and Orange
Available at The Little Easy, Bandra.
Gin Up- A combination of grapefruit, fresh rosemary and coconut water.
Available at Smoke House Deli BKC, Colaba, Pali Hill, Lower Parel.
Mixed Berry Bramble- A mixed fruit gin cocktail
Available at Taki Taki, Lower Parel.
Gimlet- A blend of Tanqueray London Dry Gin, Lime and Sugar
Available at Salt Water Cafe, Bandra
Lychee G&T- Lychee & Blue pea with Gin & Tonic garnished with a Lychee,
Available at 145, Lower Parel.
Basil Smash- Bombay Sapphire with basil, honey syrup & freshly squeezed lime
Available at SILLY, Khar
Imungoni- An Immunity booster made with Fresh Farm Produce
Available at TAVERN, Navi Mumbai.

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