7 Halloween Makeup Looks When You Want To Be Glamorous And Spooky

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If you’ve been scrolling through reels for long, you might be convinced that turning up the disgust factor is the only way forward this Halloween. But here’s a thought. What if you look glam but maybe skip the blood and the gore. And yet, be very much in the spirit of Halloween. Hear us out.

Match creative and exquisite makeup looks with your costumes to parade with ghosts this Halloween. Let’s conquer halloween makeup, take out your best makeup palettes – whether you are a master or a novice, this halloween makeup guide should sort you out. 

1. Angel in Disguise

A radiant halloween makeup look – The Angel in Disguise. Embellish your sparkly look with angular jewelled stick ons around the forehead and under the eyes – the white lined eyes coated with lengthy false lashes add so much more. Add a glittery lip to it, and there you are, the halloween poser!

2. Wing it, Vampire!

Halloween without a vampire look, does it even count? Work with intricate falsies, precise winged eyeliner, and red lenses to make yourself shine like you are a creature of the night, just with added glamour. An ombre black red lip and your vampire fangs and you’re ready to go out and play. And maybe eat some garlic as well.

3. Hail Bloody Mary

For the Bloody Mary look, start with a neutral eyeshadow and make your way down to the lower lash-line, creating a graphic bloody teary eye. An outlined red lip will do wonders for the entire look. To finish this halloween makeup look, hold a candle that was used by our friend, Bloody Mary.

4. The Devil’s Tale


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The devils cut crease, indeed. Making a devil’s tale in cut crease style, this is a modern approach to the graphic eyeliner. Emphasise the eyes with gemstones placed in the inner corners, and don’t forget your false eyelashes. Top with an elegant red-highlighted rosy cheek and a bright red lip. A perfect devil you will be!

5. Boo Wee! Casper Eyes

One for the friendly ghost, Casper –  line the bottom lash line and outline Casper all over your eyelids forming a cut crease effect with a green tint. Work with a subtle lip shade and highlight your cheekbones to add gleaming sheen to your halloween makeup look.

6. Cobwebbed Spider

Working your way up the lower lash line, extend the web with an elaborate extended winged eyeliner for the cobwebbed spider, add stick on gems and you’re just the right kind of shimmer and shine. 

7. Stitch It Up


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This Halloween makeup style calls for you to apply some hued shimmery eyes, topped with some falsies, finished with an over-the-top lip. An enticing face all stitched up? Count us in. Let the stitches work their ghoulish magic.


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