Glazed Aura Nails Are A Blend Of Two Of Our Favourite Nail Trends

Glazed Aura

Remember the chokehold Hailey Bieber’s glazed donut nails had on all of us last year? Created by celebrity nail artist, Zola Ganzorigt, these nails were all about elegance with the right hint of glam. For this who don’t know, Hailey’s nails featured a subtle chrome finish on a soft-pink manicure. Another nail trend that was all over our feeds, Aura nails are designed to mimic the colour of your aura (energy). These nails involve blending two colours with a halo-like effect to bring out a gradient look. Now, imagine mixing two of these trends to achieve Glazed Aura Nails.

Fix an appointment with your nail tech because we’re giving you the perfect mood board to ace the glazed aura nail trend!

The Classic One

A design you can never go wrong with, baby pink nails with a dash of white. Versatile enough to suit every outfit you wear, this design uses white chrome dust to create an elegant effect.

Barbiecore All The Way


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Yep, we’re never letting go of the Barbiecore trend. Pinks are always going to be in! Use a popping pink in the centre and opt for a lighter pink to diffuse it. Colour-shifting chrome dust adds the right amount of shine.

Rainbow Auras

If you like for your nails to be the centre of attention, opt for rainbow-glazed aura nails. Instead of settling for two colours, go in with a bunch of vibrant colours like yellow, green, pink and blue. Top it off with soft white chrome dust and you have yourself a vivid yet shiny manicure.

Iridescent Decals

Everyone doesn’t enjoy nail decals because they can be a little over-the-top. However, if you’re looking to spruce up your basic manicure, then decals are the answer! After adding some pink chrome dust, top off your nails with funky decals.

Lavender Haze

Midnight Rain supremacy, but Lavender Haze is a close second. Choose a dark purple and a lilac hue for this combination with the darker one on the outside. Top this up with purple chrome dust to add on to the monochrome effect!

Did Someone Say Mermaidcore?

All courtesy of The Little Mermaid and the runways of Spring/Summer 2023, mermaidcore is alive and breathing. Characterised by glossy shine and sea tones, opt for cooler and lighter tones such as blue. Use beige or white to soften the edges and give it a sea aesthetic. Holographic chrome dust with specks of green is your best friend here!

A Pop Of Colour

Some of us like our manicures exciting and vibrant. If you’re not a fan of basic glazed aura nails, the easiest way to spruce it up is by painting colourful patterns, motifs or squiggles over them.

Aurora Magic


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This one’s for those who want to experiment but still want to play it a little safe with their nail choices. Opt for two hues that complement each other and alternate their placements on each nail. Use colourful or silver chrome dust to top these and you’re good to go!

Silver In The House

In a unique design, use silver chrome polish to outline your nails and diffuse them with a soft pink colour. Opt for white chrome dust which will add an elegant energy to the manicure.

Grunge Vibes

Even though the glazed aura nail trend features either vibrant and warm colours or elegant tones, there’s no rule that it can’t embody the grunge vibe. Use bold colours such as navy blue, burgundy or even sea green along with their lighter counterparts. Finish up by dusting it off using the chrome dust of your choice.

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