Global Phenomenal Vocalist Sohyang Came back with Never Seen Before Aura

On January 28th 2024, 6 PM (KST) Sohyang’s hip-hop album “BLESSING (Feat. YDG)” released. Sohyang known phenomenally as a global Gospel singer, is out of this title and showed what soulful hip-hop is. 

In the music video, Sohyang’s outfits are all specially designed for the shoot, ranging from a sleek all-black suit adorned with silver jewelry to a striking red leather coat that reminds of Holy Blood. Also, the combination of a white crystal detailed stocking and a white blazer jacket portrays a pure yet strong image. These three iconic looks effectively capture different moments of Sohyang’s persona. 

Sohyang shares her perspective on this new journey in the hip-hop genre along with her philosophy of music. 

Sohyang has explored various genres including classical, contemporary Christian music (CCM), and ballads. However, your latest album “BLESSING (Feat. YDG)”, marks a new step of genre in your singing career. Please share your thoughts on the difference in your music style while preparing for this song and your thoughts on this new challenge. 

When we first started the beat, the song’s scale was grandeur. Probably because the reference to this song was the requiem scene from the movie ‘Amadeus.’ When developing the song I listened to a lot of Kendrick Lamar or Kanye West songs. Thought thoroughly about how this song would be presented during the mixing or mastering part. I also thought that we needed a matching mood of a visual that would fit the song well, which is why we had different versions of the music video produced. There were lots of new challenges that I had to face since it was something I’d never done, but it was finally released and I had so much fun during this process. 

How did YDG and Petra’s participation in the song make a difference musically? 

YDG and I have been good friends for a long time. When I was making this song, I thought that his feature would fit perfectly with the song and asked him. YDG made the song even better than I thought. Petra (P) is in the production team named C.P.K with me (K) and Chae Dohyun (C) who is also the keyboard player for the group Touched. Petra is an amazing topliner and a vocalist who made almost all of the top line for “BLESSING (Feat. YDG).” The melody line came out within a couple of minutes and it was so amazing. I was so happy about how the line was so fitting with the beat. This melody really helped me find the path when developing the beat. Dohyun’s piano line also contributed to the path as well. It was difficult but so much fun. 

What was the most difficult challenge with this hip-hop genre? How were you able to overcome that challenge? 

BLESSING (Feat. YDG)” is a song that has to be sung with a layback. YDG usually raps even more layback when he raps so for him it was pretty natural, but for me, it was very difficult. It was a rhythm that I’ve never done before and it was so frustrating that I actually cried really hard during the recording. With a lot of practice, I was able to find my own natural way to sing “BLESSING (Feat. YDG).

In the music video, there were 3 definite outfit changes shown which made it seem like a movie. Are there any meanings in the clothes and how it affects the songs? 

Black meant the despair of people. The pain, hurt, hardship, sadness, and depressed moments. These moments are hard like death. I wanted to express the lostness and desperation through the black outfit. Red means sacrifice. The word ‘blessing’ was said to have been rooted in blood. The nail marks on the hands are the sacrifices made for the little girl in the music video. The white means the outbreak of despair. From desperation to hope, it means being alive from death. 

Do you have plans to try other genres in the future? If so, what would it be? 

I honestly don’t know. I think it’s safe to say that I want to try genres that can deliver my message instead of thinking of a specific. I can tell you more about this through my full album to be released in the future! 

Are there any last words to your fans who will support you in 2024 and the future? 

I sincerely want to say that I am so thankful for my fans who have been with me all along. I hope to work more on my music for them. I’m working super hard for the future album so be excited and continue to support me and love me! Thank you! 

Sohyang shared her musical values and her journey in music through this article. She has provided warm comfort and conveyed her message wholeheartedly through her music, leaving the fans with the courage and support to endure life’s hardships. 

M/V  소향 (Sohyang) – ‘BLESSING (Feat. YDG)’ MV

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