7 Contemporary Indian Labels Changing Up Gold Jewellery Designs


Gold- heaps and heaps of this shiny metal – sits accumulated in our bank lockers and sit safely locked away in Indian-style safes called tijoris. We as Indians put all our trust in gold. Considered a token of a affluence and prosperity, our unwavering faith in this money pool comes bearing many societal expectations. Obviously. Wedded and bedded and simultaneously drowning in gold. But now, in 2022, gold’s making a statement. A personal one. Up and coming as well as established names are banking on a newer, more creative design strategies that have completely revolutionized how we see gold.

Let’s have a look at 7 labels finessing the art of new age explorations with gold plated jewellery:



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With tasteful storytelling and a compelling brand persona, Olio’s campaigns are no less than a work of art. Their taaveez decked neck pieces are a fan favourite with the dainty haath phools coming to a close second. The sun and moon iconography is a recurring symbol in their designs, transcending realms of mortal subsistence.

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Misho’s designs have long been adorned by Kendall Jenner, Priyanka Chopra, Zendaya, Billie Eilish, Simone Ashley and the list goes on and on. Misho is the brainchild of Suhani Parekh, who employs an artistry so distinctive, the entire industry has seen an upheaval internationally thanks to her tireless endeavour of propelling this art to the forefront.

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Kavya Potluri

This Hyderabad-based demi-fine jewellery label is a new cult favourite amongst the artsy folks of the industry. Going down a route less chosen, Kavya Potluri’s repertoire not only houses pieces like necklaces, rings and earrings but also eye frames, head gear and hair accessories. Their design signature is intricate and unconventional, reminiscent of an old-world charm owing to their tryst with filigree inspired elements.



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Disclaimer: Scouring through Dhora’s Instagram may involve instances of drooling and gawking like a 3 year old. Their immpecable imagery is to blame, here. And of course, their core offering- jewellery. From polkis and gold pieces to dainty pearl ornaments, Dhora’s minimalistic design ethos blends effortlessly with the Indian audience’s penchant for statement pieces.

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Gold scrunchies? In a stackable set? Take our money NOW. Frequently spotted on fashion influencer Masoom Minawala, their silver counterparts are no less endearing. Their jewellery can be styled with blazers, dresses, saris and even a lehenga. Brownie points for their easily pairable versatility and a gender fluid style.

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The handcrafted zodiac necklaces and pendants by Amama are an absolute must have. Crafted in brass and finished off with a gold plating, their evil eye pieces also deserve plenty acclaim. Layer the pieces and pair it with a white silk shirt to get going!

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This dangling chain necklace with a pressed crumple detail is ideal when opting for low V neckline. And if you’ve got tats on your sternum, there couldn’t be a piece better than this to spruce it up. Be sure to check out their chunky Scallop Shell Ring- the cut on the same is immaculate.

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We think Masaba’s got the coolest style in town. Read more here.

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