Good Earth’s New Contemporary Label Titli Brings Silk To Everyday Wear


Stunning rani pinks, deep-hued cerulean blues, the collection at Good Earth is an homage to the vibrancy of India. The retail homegrown luxury fashion and handcrafts house has curated handcrafted collections incorporating natural elements, while weaving in rich historical elements. Soulful and sustainable, the brand’s ethos percolates to each of its collections, spanning across home decor, dining and drinkware.

Good Earth’s foray into clothing was seamless, an extension of the brand’s portfolio. Committed to reviving crafts, their clothing has featured breathable, sheer fabrics, most of which are handwoven. Dainty threadwork and light embroidery is also showcased. Now, Good Earth has launched own contemporary label ‘Titli’ reinventing silk as a finery for all seasons.

Hitherto limited to special occasions, Titli presents silk in contemporary silhouettes, be it crushed, crinkled or smoothened.  From easy going dresses kurtas to swing shirts and jackets, to pants, skirts, kimono and kaftans, this is a collection that deserves a space in your wardrobe.

Title reinterprets traditional silhouettes compelling a larger audience to embrace silk into their wardrobes. Printed scarves and sheer organza brighten up the already lively collection.

True to the brand’s colour palette, Titli forwards the hues of fuchsias, cobalts, emerald greens, amber yellow, terracottas and violets. The embroidery is minimal, making every piece versatile enough to be worn on the daily. Ornamentation is kept to a minimal, placing emphasis on the silhouettes.

This compact nature of the garments makes them travel friendly, giving patrons the freedom of easily carrying garments along with them, for vacations to destination weddings and so on.

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