Graphic Tees Are Making A Comeback And Here Are 5 Brands That Have A Great Collection

Graphic tees Indian brands

A millennial reading this will recollect a time when practically everyone flaunted a t-shirt that said ‘No Fear’ with two bloodshot eyes. At that point, this was the epitome of anti-establishment, a sort of war cry though, admittedly, most of us were rebels without a cause. After this, perhaps due to some trepidation being felt or because we had to fall in line, graphic tees got relegated to the back of the closet. Now, they are back in fashion and while we do not recommend rummaging through your closet for the sartorial remnants of a teenage protest from whichever millennial you know, we do suggest perusing the offerings these brands have.

1.Rising Among:


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Rising Among was the outcome of roommates sitting together and thinking of a business idea- it came to fruition for Riya and Amruta. The streetwear label came to life in 2020, a pandemic baby. The brand emphasises and creates a space for individuals to wear their mind through authentic colours, prints, textures and nostalgic symbols.

2. Prsperity

While some people were putting up ‘my travel plans include travelling from one app to the other’ kind of updates, there were people who hustled and started businesses. Converting their love for art, colour and adventure into a brand, Prsperity is about owning your beliefs. Their graphic tees draw inspiration from the simplest things in life that most people tend to look past, and in that their designs stand out.



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Maya Angelou once said, ‘ If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” Ansh Gupta was displeased with the fashion industry’s affinity to formulaic designs, especially when it came to minimalistic aesthetics. His goal was to give each design a backstory that would make the wearer relate to the design. The colours are vibrant and fresh, ensuring that each piece is a captivating work of art.

4. Distinguished Society

Distinguished Society aims to create a space for visionaries who want to speak their art and creativity to speak for itself. Incorporating minimal quotes and earthy colours in their designs, they allow wearers the chance to find beauty in the most simplest things.

5. Fifty Eight


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The founder of FiftyEight aims to spread and promote awareness and highlight the power of art. Being from the field, they observed that the artists do not get the respect they deserve. Hoping to change this, they created a brand for wearers who value art in its original form while also spreading awareness about the pressing problem of art theft. They make tees that are creative with fun colours and include Hindi lines. If you’re looking for something quirky and fun, this is where you will find it.

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