Skipped Hair Wash Day? These 10 Greasy Hairstyles Are Lifesavers

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Lining up my shampoo schedule with my social calendar is never an easy feat— my hair looks frizzy on wash day, greek goddess-like on day two and an oil reservoir by day three. And considering how casually I skip washing my hair when life gets busy, greasy hair is turning into my bestie. Moving on from the icky feeling, a lived-in style is a great canvas to work on with your natural hair oils providing extra hold, sans extra product. From sleek ‘off-duty’ model buns to Y2K braids, here are 10 hairstyles that will turn your greasy hair into statement looks for the days you skip washing your hair:

Greasy Hairstyles For The Next Time You Skip Wash Day

1. The Wet Flip Bun

Taking an at-home hairstyle to a night-out level, Kim Kardashian has been spotted wearing an updo her hairstylist, Chris Appleton calls the ‘wet flip bun’ on multiple occasions this past month. Low effort but high impact, all you need to do to recreate this look is to create a small bun on the final loop of your ponytail and let the rest of your hair dangle underneath.

2. Baby Braids

It’s usually the front of the hair that’s the first to get oily. If that’s the case with you too, Y2K baby braids are a great way to not only hide the grease but also stay on trend while doing so. Secure them with clear elastics or make a statement with coloured ones. Protip: To regain the volume in your hair, take your blow dryer and blast your hair upside down.

3. Rope Braid

The oils in your hair make it much easier to work with than freshly washed hair, which is perfect for all kinds of braids. Take a leaf out of Vanessa Hudgens’ hair book and combine your face-lift ponytail with a twisted braid for an effective distraction from dirty hair.

4. The Wet Look


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Instead of hiding your greasy locks, try leaning into an even oilier look with faux wet hair. Run some lightweight gel through your hair from root to tip and use your fingers or a comb to smoothen it out. Super easy and super sleek.

5. Barbie Ponytail


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Hop on the Barbiecore trend bandwagon! Tie up your hair in a high ponytail while keeping a deep side parting so that your bangs can sweep right across your forehead. Thanks to the hold of your grease you won’t even need hairspray to set this.

6. Half Up Half Down

Don’t want to pull your entire hair back into a ponytail? Opt for a half up, half down pony that looks great on bobs and lobs. Not only does it take away the worry of loose stragglers underneath, but it also creates height and volume. Feeling fancy? attempt a mini French braid going into the pony.

7. Claw Clips

With the return of this quintessential ’90s trend, claw clips make for the perfect lazy girl hack to achieve a look that’s both functional and fashionable. Whip your hair up into a twist and fasten it with a claw clip to work with the oiliness rather than against it.

8. Statement Tic Tac Clips


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Add a playful element to your look by accessorising with some statement clips. Section your hair with a middle parting and secure each side with two snap clips to keep them in place.

9. Slick Low Ponytail

When in doubt, a sleek low ponytail is the way to go. Opt for a middle part, comb your hair back and secure it tightly with an elastic. Want more volume? Tease the ponytail just a little to beat the grease.

10. Olaplex Bun

A new take on the ‘off-duty model’ bun,  the Olaplex bun became TikTok’s favourite multitasking hairstyle earlier this year by giving people the perfect opportunity to sport a trendy hairstyle while simultaneously using a leave-in treatment to deep condition the hair. Makes the excess shine seem chic and intentional.

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