From Olive To Emerald, Take Your Pick From These Gorgeous Green Bags

Green Bag FI

Don’t look now (or look, don’t let anyone tell you what to do) but Instagram currently has a deluge of stories about people romanticising the monsoons. The stories have a theme- a cup of chai, rain drops and a popular song but of course, in its low fi version- so as to evoke the right emotion of romance and peace. On the streets, however, things play out differently. As the rain gods unleash their fury, people scurry to somewhere with cover, lugging laptop-laden bags to safety. Cabs are difficult to find, and the ones that come involve a large degree of pleading and screaming. Damp, annoyed and with limp hair, we make our way into work, cursing the same rains. And despite all this, when the trees in the city wear a refreshed look, it’s mesmerising. The verdant hues, the shades of nature, there’s something healing about it.

While it is possible to incorporate this shade in your wardrobe and play your bit as a potted plant, if you don’t want to go all out, may I suggest bags in the very refreshing shades of green? Here’s a bunch you will love. Oh, and they are functional as well.

Green Bag Options You Will Love

Accesorize London Green A Logo Handheld Bag

Green Bag Accesorize London

Perfect for a day about town, this green bag is from Accessorize London. Vibrant and featuring plenty of pockets to carry your essentials, this would be my pick for when I need to be nimble on my feet. I also love the small gold details, they give the bag plenty of character.

Label Ritu Kumar Green Textured Tote Bag

Green Bag Ritu Kumar

Let’s take a moment to appreciate those handles- so carefully crafted. This bag from Label Ritu Kumar comes with plenty of space, so you can throw enough things making it the black hole our bags tend to be. Besides that, I love the dark hue of the bag, and the texture- I am sold. The bag itself is versatile, great for office and then when you are off to have drinks with friends.

H&M Straw Shoulder Bag

Green bag H&M

Baguette bags are having quite the moment right now and this green bag from H&M gets my vote. Made from straw, this makes for a vibrant accessory, one that could instantly spruce up a neutral outfit. We love this for a pop of colour. Plus, it’s light weight, great for days when you want your shoulders to take a break from bearing all that weight.

Coccinelle Green Solid Satchel Bag

Green Bag Coccinelle

They might go with everything but black bags are so basic. Switch up your regular bag with this from Coccinelle. We all need that one bag that take (to use a cliche) take an outfit from drab to fab and this is our pick. The craftsmanship on this is impeccable, with crisp lines and intricate gold detailing rounding it off.

Gioia Renie Sling Bag

Green Bag Gioia

We stumbled upon this brand while researching this article and you can colour us impressed. Homegrown brand Gioia has a versatile repertoire including everything from totes and slings to shoulder bags and more. This vibrant green bag caught our eye for the sheer perfection in craftsmanship and the smooth finish. Great for brunch and dinner dates with the girls, this instantly elevates an outfit adding a pop of colour. The bag is sturdy and spacious, a combination that’s we’ve been looking for and boy, are we glad this one exists. Oh, and the magnetic lock makes a very interesting sound, so if you know how to get yourself to stop playing with your bag’s lock , pass on the wisdom please.

Hamster London Raver Tote Bag Sea Green

This one is a green bag but it’s also shiny arm candy that offers customisation. What more do you need?

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- Digital Editor


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