Scrub Out: Is It Time To Pull The Plug On Grey’s Anatomy?

A scroll through your social media is likely to have you stumble upon a Grey’s Anatomy moment or meme and it had me wondering how a show about a bunch of doctors has become this special. I refused to watch Grey’s Anatomy, overwhelmed by the sheer number of seasons. But I also have a friend who’s been trying to convince me for months. So for her sake, I finally gave in and delved into the world of Seattle Grace Hospital (Grey+ Sloan Memorial now). I was sold at the first glimpse of McDreamy. On the interns’ first day, while Miranda Bailey’s rules gave me chills, Richard Webber’s calm gave me a character to love. The first few seasons had me watching every episode excited. Every one of us had two questions on our mind – when will Meredith and Derek be together, and who is going to die this season?

Once you start watching Grey’s Anatomy, you get attached to every character and their stories, and I understand that now. I remember bawling my eyes out when Derek Shepherd died. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that every Grey’s fan has suffered as much as Meredith in the show has. With countless deaths and departures of favourite characters such as Lexie Grey, Mark Sloan, Cristina Yang, Andrew DeLuca, Callie Torres, and Alex Karev mixed with plane crashes, deaths, kids, and all the breakups, fans have reached a threshold for how much drama one can handle. When Ellen Pompeo announced her departure from the show, the last shoe dropped. Meredith is Grey’s Anatomy. But fast forward 20 seasons, and the question lingers: has Grey’s Anatomy become a medical marvel of longevity, or a drama clinging to its former glory? Here’s why some fans believe it might be time for this beloved show to take a final bow:

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Meredith Grey’s exit from the show

The whole show was based around Ellen Pompeo‘s character. Without her, fans would not recognise the show for what it is. Constantly rooting for Meredith to find herself and a cure for Alzheimer’s is what has kept fans coming back till season 19. Without her and the other main characters, Grey’s Anatomy isn’t Grey’s Anatomy anymore. They should have pulled the plug after the reunion of Meredith and Derek in the Covid-19 episodes. That would have been a happy ending and would have given the fans closure.

Grey's Anatomy

Rare happy endings for the characters

When the show goes on for that long, the characters’ love interests keep evolving, which makes it difficult for the fans to root for a particular couple. Amelia Shepherd’s love stories started with us rooting for her and Owen, then Link, and eventually Kai. Similarly, Alex Karev left Jo; Meredith was with DeLuca, Riggs, and then eventually Nick. You are bound to be confused about who to root for. Callie and Arizona and Jackson and April were the people who got their happy endings but that was after a rollercoaster ride.

Eroding Emotional Impact

It’s no exaggeration when I say too many people have died in the show and the experience of watching so many deaths has reduced the emotional impact.

Bidding adieu to the original cast

The show was originally going to be based on the lives of the 5 interns at Seattle Grace Hospital but now with the 20th season, almost all original cast members, including Jackson and April, have left the show. There’s no one left for fans to resonate with. A possible spinoff featuring the current interns could have begun instead ’cause they are entertaining for sure.

Melodrama over character growth

While the show was known for its strong character development, especially in the earlier seasons, the current seasons prioritize melodrama over meaningful growth. Characters make questionable decisions, fall into repetitive patterns, and the emotional stakes feel forced. Jo, Amelia, and Link are constantly moving in circles. Owen and Teddy are also in a rut with each other which gets annoying after a point.

The McDreamy Effect

Meredith and Derek’s relationship was the heart and soul of Grey’s Anatomy for a significant portion of its run. Their journey, filled with passion, growth, and heartbreak, resonated deeply with viewers. McDreamy’s death shattered not just Meredith’s world, but also the emotional core of the show.
While Meredith has pursued new relationships, none have captured the same intensity or magic as the one she shared with Derek. This leaves viewers with a constant sense of “what if?” and a longing for the show’s golden age. The show could have ended after Derek’s death.

Grey’s Anatomy has undoubtedly left its mark on television history. However, acknowledging the show’s potential shortcomings allows for a thoughtful discussion about its future. A well-executed finale could be the perfect way to honour its legacy and ensure Grey Sloan Memorial leaves a lasting impression on fans as well as the medical drama landscape.

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