I Find Grocery Shopping More Satisfying Than Any Other Kind Of Shopping And I Can’t Be The Only One, Surely!

grocery shopping

If I had to write a book titled Confessions of a Shopaholic, it would have long descriptions about the grocery aisle at my local store. I would dedicate paragraphs to the rustle of a chip packet, or the deeply enjoyable moment when you find a jar that looks aesthetically pleasing. This is probably why I won’t get a book deal in the first place. But there have got to be more people like me. Pulling the trolley across the aisle, with your headphones belting out your go-to playlist and staring at the beautifully organised stacks for hours-that’s stress busting in itself. Dancing in the supermarket and making a reel on it isn’t. Or is it?


As a young girl, I was quite averse to shopping for clothes. The process of going to a mall, selecting 20 outfits and then trying them on only to find out that two fit you perfectly without blowing my budget to smithereens is such a waste of time and effort *rolls eyes*. Heading to a supermarket is so much better. You end up buying just what you want ‘cause it’s food. You know you’ll end up eating it and nothing goes to waste. Plus food is a universal love language–it unites people and makes everyone happy.


I imagine at this point you’re either nodding along because you totally relate or are on the fence, not convinced that grocery shopping needs people to wax eloquent about it. Let me explain where I am coming from. For starters, I’m a snack hoarder, so I need my monthly stock of munchies. The snacks section of any store is my holy grail. I’ll spend the most time there. Those colourful packets of chips and crisps, perfectly arranged as per the size and shape are beautiful to look at. I can feel them turning into Meredith from Grey’s Anatomy and saying,” Pick me, choose me, love me.”


The way everything is aligned is attractive too (sneaky supermarket people looking right into my brain). That’s why I try to be super careful even when picking things out. If I don’t require something, I’ll ensure I keep it back in the place it belongs. Basically, I don’t like to disturb that well-organised stack–a quality my mother hopes I imbibe and put into practise in my own house. Yes, I’ll be that annoying person who will give you the side eye for dropping something and not putting it back in the correct spot (#SorryNotSorry)!

grocery shopping

Online Grocery Shopping Doesn’t Cut it

When the pandemic first broke out, we were forced to order everything online–whether it was fruits, vegetables, snacks, soaps, or other daily essentials. Ugh. Can you imagine my plight? I had to scroll through apps and pick out food items. I was convinced it would be more interesting to watch paint dry. You lose out on the whole experience of going physically to a place and enjoying that space. My worst nightmare though? When my fav snack that I really craved wasn’t available. You know that sinking feeling when the dress you wanted to buy for ages suddenly goes out of stock? Yup, that’s how I felt. I know grocery stores have been open even during lockdown but like many others, I was paranoid to get out in a crowded space. Can you blame me?

This led to me finding stores that are less crowded. And that’s why it has become so important to have my own space even while I shop for daily essentials. I’ve found the right places, which are super close to home. It’s quite empty most times and it’s got more space, so don’t be surprised if you find me spending 15 minutes in each alley and just pondering what to pick up, despite having a set list. Fortunately, I do come to my senses and come down to buying only what I need, thanks to my mum who usually accompanies me and ensures I don’t go berserk.


For the love of Grocery Shopping

Long story short, grocery shopping is therapeutic and something I’ve grown to love over the years. The mere sight of my empty snack cupboard motivates me to go to step out, head to a store and breathe life into it with vibrant packs. Here’s my confession -while I said I will never dance in a supermarket, I would love to sit in the trolley and slide it across the aisles if I ever happen to get a chance to be the only person in the store (I still won’t make a reel on this)Excited Dance GIF by Sing Movie

Just like me, if you like grocery shopping, here are some recommendations of my favourite places that look good and feel good to go to. Happy shopping (and munching)!

1. Foodhall, Santacruz West

2. Society Stores, Oshiwara

3. Nature’s Basket, Multiple Outlets in Mumbai

4. The Origin, Khar West

5. Le Marche, Multiple Outlets in New Delhi

- Lifestyle Editor


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