Here’s How I Use Beauty To Ground And Calm Myself In Moments Of Anxiety


Most of us are no strangers to moments of anxiety and despair. As someone who’s been professionally diagnosed with high-functioning anxiety, I have bouts of uneasiness triggered by the most mundane or simple things. Of course, seeking professional help along the way was a saviour in more ways than one, but I also discovered a few ways that helped me ground myself in stressful moments.

Beauty, being at the core of my personality, has been a colossal help in battling anxiety. Whilst being cooped up in the confines of our homes for what seemed like an eternity, a lot of us turned to make self-care routines a part of our daily lives. While self-care can have a different translation and perspective for everyone practising it, the inclusion of beauty into it can have the semblance of a calming routine that you need the most. However, we must acknowledge that having access to it comes from a space of privilege and not everyone can engage in them. Self-care as a concept does have affluent connotations and taking cognizance of that goes a long way. 

Here are a few ways in which I attempted to ground myself in moments of anxiousness and uncertainty using beauty as a tool.

Minimal Skincare Routines

While the Internet may push me towards multi-step skincare routines with a gazillion skincare products and try to overwhelm me with its never-ending trends, I always make it a point to remind myself that less is more. I’ve noticed, following a minimal skincare routine that consists of not more than 4 steps can do wonders when you’re trying to add some stability to your otherwise hectic life. 

It may not seem like a massive change, but integrating a skincare routine into my daily life has been extremely comforting. Especially when it results in your skin being the pink of its health. Let me reveal a tiny secret to you— when I’m about to commence a chaotic day, slathering on some moisturiser and sunscreen onto my face makes me feel like my entire life is in order. Who wouldn’t want that?

Makeup As A Form Of Therapy

We’ve all turned to using makeup as a form of therapy, whether you happen to be a novice or a full-fledged beauty nerd. While this activity cannot take the place of actual therapy, in moments of dire need it does perform a decent task of making you feel better. I know it performs that deed for me! Even though the entire world shifted its focus away from makeup in the wake of the pandemic, the power of beauty remains just as important. 

How many times has the simple act of applying lipstick given you a feeling that you could conquer the world? On days when I’m feeling the blues a little too much, I try my hand at experimenting with some makeup and stepping out of my comfort zone. It’s no surprise that almost always, the flick of an eyeliner, a pop of blush or even a striking lip makes me feel like I could put Bella Hadid to shame. 

Soothing Hair Oil Massages


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Nobody can deny that hair oil massages have a charm that’s incomparable. Instances of anxiety can often spark incessant headaches that have a mind of their own, often hampering your daily activities. As someone who’s dealt with one too many, I’m aware of exactly how excruciating they can get. Hair oil massages, popularised by our doting grandparents are definitely one of the most pacifying activities when you’re having a rough day. It’s an activity that I turn to, a couple of times a week.

 Apart from providing you with relief from the constant throbbing, these massages also come along with a long list of boons. Hair massages with a dash of some nourishing oil work effectively to strengthen your hair right from its roots along with ensuring that your locks aren’t left feeling parched and dry. So, the next time you’re trying to get rid of a headache spearheaded by stress, run to your mum with a bottle of your favourite hair oil and watch it disappear.

Sensorial Aromatherapy

Frequently used as a strong tool to soothe and calm our tangled senses down, aromatherapy has been around for aeons. The practice of aromatherapy uses a variety of essential oils to stimulate your olfactory senses, in an attempt to send signals to your nervous system. This ensures that positive messages are being sent to your brain with the help of gentle scents.

All thanks to the assortment of scents available ranging from lavender to geranium and patchouli, each one of these oils targets a specific concern. Times when I feel like I’m burdened with the weight of the world, and it seems like my emotions are all over the place— I place an essential oil of my choice into a diffuser and engage in some deep breathing exercises. This is a practice that has always managed to help me gather my senses after an explosive panic attack. 

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