Hair Color Melt By Matrix Is The Latest Hair Color Trend We Just Can’t Get Over!

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Life is too short to have boring hair. And while some of us have found a way to keep things interesting and colourful with our hair game, many are still sitting on the fence, wondering how to play it safe. We get it, it’s natural to be skeptical about the whole ordeal of colouring your hair. Will the hair be damaged? What if the colour doesn’t turn out as expected? What about the aftercare and maintenance? Will the product work with the hair type? The list of these questions can be a mile long, *sigh*

Yes, the concerns are all valid, but with the day and age we’re living in, we shouldn’t have to limit or compromise on how we wish to express our style and personalities. What if we tell you that experimenting and expressing with your hair colour is absolutely hassle-free, beyond fun, and possibly life-changing? Don’t call us crazy before checking out this hottest hair colour trend going around! On your next salon visit, do ask about the new Matrix Color Melt and you’ll know why we’re obsessed with it.

What is Matrix Color Melt?

In the charts of hair colouring techniques, the new one to take a top spot is the colour melting technique which is all about creating a flawlessly blended look that’s both glam and natural. Matrix brings to India this international trend where 2 -3 colour shades are seamlessly blended to create a beautiful diffusion of shades from dark to light to create the kind of look and vibe you’re aiming for, be it bold and vibrant, or subtle and plush. You can ask your hairdresser for the best shade suggestions, or pick any colours your heart desires. Unlike highlighting streaks or balayage, colour melting will give a very distinct mix of light and dark tones to give that amazing melted effect. It makes the hair look like a work of art while giving you a super versatile look you can carry off for any occasion and with any outfit.


Dust your concerns off…

Matrix introduces this technique with SoColor pre-bonded formula that protects hair color after color. It enters the deepest levels to provide the most true-to-tone fashion results while safeguarding hair integrity. These brilliant shades are perfect for Indian hair as they work wonders on dark hair tones. The Matrix exclusive bond-protecting concentrate ensures excellent condition of the hair throughout the colouring process for all styles and hair types, including the most fragile hair. This obviously makes hair colouring safer and hassle free than ever before, which means you can now push the boundaries when it comes to transforming your hair. What’s more you have a wide palette of 40 shades by Matrix SoColor to choose from! Live your life in colour ladies, be creative, edgy, and original with confidence. Sometimes a little colour therapy is all you need!

Now you can book yourself the new Matrix Color Melt session at your nearest salon.

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