8 Hair Scrubs For That Squeaky Clean Scalp This Monsoon

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Refreshing monsoon showers, a much-awaited drop in temperature, steaming cups of chai, and that dreaded itchy scalp—the rainy season bring us all this and more! If it wasn’t enough that our scalps had to deal with build-up occurring from natural oils, dead skin cells, pollution, hair products like serums, sprays and dry shampoos, the humidity causes an increase in sebum production, which leads to an unusually greasy scalp. Enter: hair scrubs.
Similar to body scrubs used for exfoliation of dead skin cells, grime and excess oils from our arms, legs and even butt and back, scalp scrubs, too, work to slough off build-up that tends to accumulate at the roots. If your scalp is not cleaned correctly, this build-up can weaken hair follicles over time, affecting the overall health of the hair.

We spoke with Delhi-based expert Dr Anika Goel, MD Dermatologist, Hair Transplant Surgeon & Founder, Soul Derma Clinic, to get her opinion on managing scalp build-up in this season. She says, “Studies have shown that the humid environment is optimum for Malassezia fungus that is naturally present on our scalp to proliferate and lead to aggravation of seborrheic dermatitis.”

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The first step, she advises, is to keep the scalp clean and cleanse whenever required. “If the scalp is very oily, shampoo containing salicylic acid can be used. For someone suffering from dandruff, a zinc pyrithione-based shampoo can help. If you wash your hair daily, you can opt for sulphate-free shampoos. However, if the scalp is oily and you’re not able to wash it daily, shampoos containing sulphates help with thoroughly cleansing the scalp. Scrubs also help to exfoliate the scalp; you can opt for a chemical exfoliant, or if it’s a physical scrub, it should be very mild and gentle and not used more than once per week.”

If no pre-existing scalp conditions like cuts, sores, acne, eczema or psoriasis exist, it is safe and easy to use a scrub on your scalp. Gently massage it with circular motions, avoiding harsh rubbing or scrubbing. This massaging of a scrub onto the scalp before shampooing can also be a soothing, stress-relieving experience. Think of it as double cleansing for your hair!

Here Are A Few Hair Scrubs To Choose From

1. Schwarzkopf Professional Oil Ultime Lotus Flower Oil-In-Scrub For Scalp

Suited to all hair types, this scalp scrub has been formulated with a blend of natural, purified oils and luxurious lotus flower extract. Fine argan shell gently removes impurities from the scalp, while panthenol provides essential moisturisation. 

2. Plum Tea Tree Buildup Control Scalp Scrub


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This gentle yet effective scalp scrub is enriched with tea tree oil and propanediol caprylate that helps treat and prevent dandruff. A combination of shikakai, brahmi & coconut shell powder, works to gently exfoliate impurities and get rid of styling product build-up, while willow bark extract keeps the scalp’s sebum production in check. It is fragrance- & silicone-free.

3. Dot & Key AHA Exfoliation Apple Cider Hair & Scalp Scrub

A blend of physical scrub and chemical exfoliants, this is made with plant oils, actives AHA & BHA, and scrubbing agents like walnut shell particles, that together give your scalp a deep purifying treatment to reduce flakes, dandruff, dirt, oil and product build-up. It also calms and soothes scalp irritation and itching.

4. The Inkey List Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Scalp Scrub

A gentle exfoliating scrub formulated with both chemical and physical exfoliators, it helps remove product build-up and dead cells to leave hair looking healthy. This unique formulation also helps to protect and balance the scalp’s microbiome and keep the hair follicles clean. 

5. Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Coconut Oil Micro-Exfoliating Shampoo


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A unique charcoal and coconut oil infused scalp shampoo, it detoxifies, exfoliates and balances the scalp for optimal scalp and hair health. A cooling blend of peppermint and spearmint oils work to reduce scalp itchiness while coconut oil provides moisturisation to combat flakiness. 

6. mCaffeine Coffee Scalp Scrub

Addicted to caffeine? Then you’ll enjoy this scrub that helps clear dandruff and treat an itchy scalp. Pure Arabica coffee particles present in this scalp scrub get rid of build-up from the scalp, stimulate the hair roots and improve blood circulation. If that wasn’t enough, it even has the aroma of freshly brewed coffee!

7. L’Oreal Scalp Rebalancing Scrub

Best for those with excessive dandruff, a greasy scalp, and dull hair, this scrub exfoliates the scalp to remove excess oil, dirt and dandruff. Enriched with tea tree oil, it eliminates impurities from the scalp in a few minutes, giving an intensely cleansed, refreshed feel

8. OUAI St. Bart’s Scalp & Body Scrub


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Want a ‘one-ouai’ ticket to an island? Then try this tropical-scented, deep-cleansing sugar scrub with notes of dragon fruit, orange blossom, tuberose and Baltic amber, that exfoliates product build-up and flakiness from the scalp all the while nourishing it. This multipurpose scrub can be used on both, hair and body.

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