Frightening Fashion That Went Mainstream


Just cause Halloween is over doesn’t mean we’ve lost our spooky spirit just yet and so i would like to revisit the most stylish scary movies out there. It would be a complete waste to deny that horror movies have not had their fashion moments. Amidst all the screaming and bloodshed the brief fashion moments almost gives you a visual break before taking you back into a most terrific situation.
With the run of the mill horror movies and their leads in functional clothes (obviously the most sensible choice) its the ones with fashion in mind that make this list. Happy Halloween you all!

1.Rosemary’s Baby

As unsettling as the movie was, it was Rosemary’s (Mia Farrow) wardrobe that made her so intriguing as a character. Rosemary’s clothes were drastically different from the witchy wardrobe in horror movies that audiences were used to seeing. Andrea Sylbert, the films costume designer, carefully curated each look so Rosemary seemed relatable yet aspirational.

2. Bram Strokers Dracula

Winning the Academy Award for best costume in 1993, Henry Ford Copolla breathed new life into the world’s vision of Dracula. Eiko Ishioka brought the romanticism of the story to life. Camp and yet spooky, the wardrobe design was remarkable with dramatic, billowing gowns, delicately embroidered robes and crisp tailored suits.

3. The Lost Boys

This cult favourite from the 80’s was the dream wardrobe for every wanna bad boy punk vampire out there. From the now looked down upon mullet to the evergreen all black, leather aesthetic, the movie only drove the point further adding in motorbikes and jewellery.

4. The Craft

Deborah Everton created and made solid the 90’s teens misfit wardrobe. Absolutely timeless, the witches and protagonists of the film donned everything from PVC coats to tartan skirts, accessorised with chokers, crucifixes, stockings and boots. I will not deny this is a personal go to for when i’m feeling particularly witchy.

5. The Heathers

I’m going to count this as a horror because lets be honest, nothing about these girls lives was normal. Having to confront every horror from rape to suicide The Heathers deserves a spot on this list. The fashion on the other hand was anything but, with the girls embodying 80’s prep fashion with plaid skirts and shoulder pads. The ultimate mean girls made way for teen clique dramas.

6. The Neon Demon

Maybe not everyone’s favourite movie story wise, but it cannot be disputed in any way or form that this movie is high fashion. Lead actress, Elle Fanning is donned in everything from Armani to Saint Laurent. Whether or not the movie perturbed you, the fashion definitely left you with goosebumps.

7. Midsommar

The only thing distracting you from the devastatingly graphic violence and terrifying plot twists is wonderful spring fashion. Dressed in all white with floral embroidery, the Swedish cult really knows how to enjoy spring (jokes). The all terrifying and yet beautiful culmination of Dani (Florence Pugh) garbed in a complete floral ensemble is straight out of a dream turned nightmare.

8.The Black Swan

This one is kind of on the nose, but also cannot go without an honourable mention. This all too disturbing thriller, made black swan a halloween costume go to. The stark contrast in colour palette between the light pastels of the white swan and the deviously dark blacks and greys of the black swan came from the creation of Rodarte founders, Kate and Laura Mulleavy.

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