Handy Tips To Sweat-Proof Your Skin This Summer

Sweat-Proof Your Skin

Skincare routines are seasonal. Your skin requires different products, ingredients and textures to suit weather changes. For summer, the skin usually needs balanced hydration that won’t make it feel heavy or greasy. Harsh heat and bright sunny days can overly stimulate the pores, leading to oiliness and excessive sweating. While you cannot avoid sweat altogether, there are a few handy ways to sweat-proof your skin with a couple of switch-ups in your skincare routine.

How To Sweat-Proof Your Skin In Summer

1. Switch To A Foaming Cleanser


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Creamy cleansers can feel lovely on the skin, but they are rarely capable of pulling dirt and sebum out of clogged pores in the summer. Oil or cream-based cleansers can also leave behind unnecessary emollients on the skin, making your face feel sweaty throughout the day. Switch to a foaming cleanser to help keep your pores clean in the summer. Many foamy formulas also come with salicylic acid or natural astringents, which further assist with pore-care and leave your skin feeling fresh and lightweight.

2. Include A Toner In Your Routine

There’s a reason why ‘Skinstagram’ is obsessed with using toners as deodorisers. They are formulated with oil-absorbing and sebum-balancing ingredients that have an instantly mattifying effect on the skin. They also work to eliminate bacteria and balance the skin’s pH to avoid excessive sweating. The jury’s still out on whether toners really do anything for your skin. Still, IMO, it is an excellent product to add to a summer skincare routine.

3. Gel-Based Moisturisers Are The Ideal Pick

If you’ve ever wondered why your natural soap bar “sweats” during humid weather, it’s because of its humectant content. Humectants are known to pull moisture from their surroundings, thus running the risk of making your summer skin drier. Heavy, cream-based moisturisers are often formulated with many humectants and, when combined with occlusives, offer hydration to the skin. But that can be too overwhelming for summer skin. Switch to water or gel-based moisturisers, which use lighter hydrators like hyaluronic acid or glycerine to let your skin breathe and keep it sweat-free.

4. Powder Sunscreens Will Arrest The Grease

Cream or lotion sunscreens are the usual suspects for making your skin feel sweaty in the summer. Physical or chemical filters and sun creams tend to form a film on top of your skin, making sweat evaporation tricky. Plus, sun creams are supposed to be massaged well into your skin, leading to excessive oil production that makes you feel “sweaty”. Switch to powder-based sunscreens to apply and re-apply throughout the day. They work as an effective sun protector and a mattifying powder to zap sweat and excessive shine from your face.

5. Aim For Sebum Control

Speaking of mattifying powders, you no longer have to rely on a makeup compact to powder your nose. Skincare has magical, sweat-proof powders too! Sebum control powders are formulated with oil-balancing, sweat-absorbing and freshening botanical and minerals. They are non-comedogenic in nature and can be used multiple times on a hot summer day.

6. Keep Blotting Linens Handy


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If you had to take away one thing from this story, let it be this – facial wet wipes are TERRIBLE for your skin. They can contain irritants like fragrances and essential oils. And wiping a sweaty face with wet wipes will make it drier and oilier later. Instead, opt for blotting linens to instantly sweat-proof your face; they are very travel-friendly.

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