5 Hard To Kill Plants So You Can Finally Become A Plant Parent

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I am a plant mom. I love my plants with a passion that should be reserved for more pressing concerns in my life, but it is what it is. My plants get my attention, and entire conversations happen with them. No, you’re lonely. Anyway, I know that not everyone is as sold on plants and their beauty as I am. In fact, I am aware that some people have clicked here because they have managed to decimate most of the plants around them, and the ones that are alive are in a corner, gasping for breath.

If you don’t have a green thumb (this is where you know how to make plants flourish), but want to venture into the world of being a plant parent, I present to you 5 plants that are incredibly difficult to kill. These guys are resilient and sturdy, and even serial plant killers will be able to ensure these live.



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Usually referred to as the money plant, pothos are perfect for those looking for plants that seem to have a mind and life of their own. When I say these are hard to kill plants, I really mean it. You need a little water, a meagre amount of sunlight and these guys will flourish. They will even have long vines that makes this plant very pleasant to look at. You can even grow pothos is water, or soil. And if you forget to water them (I imagine you didn’t the serial plant killer tag for ordinary reasons), they will still survive for a while before wilting away wistfully. Plus, these come in a fabulous variety (variegated) versions, so you can choose to go with dark green, golden and other options.

Before you make that joke, nope, money doesn’t grow on these plants.

Aloe Vera Plant


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There’s a reason aloe vera is considered a hard to kill plant. For starters, this one is a cactus, so its water requirement is minimal. Think of your aloe vera plant like a person you’ve been friends with for very long. You can go for days without talking (in this case watering them) and yet, when you speak, it’s like you never stopped talking. For a large part, the aloe vera plant will do its thing, long after you’ve forgotten it exists. You only have to occasionally step in, give it a once over, water it a little bit and let it wallflower (plant!?!) it wants to be.

Jade Plant


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If you’re the kind that gaslights your plants, you will find that the jade plant can handle that with ease. This one is an incredibly hard to kill plant. If your way of showing affection is too bombard it with water and then disappear, the jade plant can deal. In fact, if you’ve watered it, this one might make it a whole month before requiring you to even look at it. While you might not get a mug from it for being ‘Plant Parent of the year’, you will find this guy just shining in a corner, even if you’ve completely neglected it.

Snake Plant

The snake plant has long leaves that reach out to the heavens. The plant is also called mother in law’s tongue, for obvious reasons. *looks around to see if anyone caught the animosity in that*. The plant is hard to kill, of course but is also a thriver in conditions are are otherwise deemed not conducive to plant growth. This one needs watering only when the soil is dry and the plant can make it low light conditions just fine. It’s perfect for a bathroom or even your cubicle at work.

Spider Plant


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The spider plant makes it to most lists involving hard to kill plants, which speaks for its resilience. These guys don’t need much care and for the most part, are willing to spent their life in their own pot while still propagating tiny offshoots that can be planted to make more spider plants. They don’t need much water but if you don’t want to collapse dramatically, do water them when the soil is nearly dry.  Spider plants are very pretty when they grow out, so if you can be patient, they could make your space a cozy nook.

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