Harnaaz Sandhu’s Weight Gain Has Everyone Talking. Why Are Women’s Bodies So Intensely Scrutinised?

Harnaaz Sandhu Weight Gain Comments

The internet has a plentitude of opinions. Everyone’s entitled to one, sure. But then come the misogynists. The incels. And finally, resting at the apex of the moronic pyramid are the internet trolls operating their misery through a burner account. During our very own Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu’s homecoming last week, she was bombarded with comments circling around her weight gain since the crowning.

Unsolicited Comments Aplenty

If you’re running out of topics, you could talk about her achievements at the mere age of 22. You could also talk about the ease with which she aced her final answer on the coronation night. For god’s sake, you can also talk about the infamous meow she did in conversation with Steve Harvey. But no, observations about a woman’s stomach have to be the topic supremo heralded by kitty aunties and Regina George wannabes alike. Yes, she’s put on a few kilos since her crowning. So what? She suffers from celiac disease and even if she didn’t, her body’s should not be up for your tea-time debate. Having been bullied for being too skinny and now for her weight gain, Harnaaz is, unfortunately, no stranger to mockery laced comments.

Miss Universe Canada 2016 On Getting Cyberbullied

On conversing with former Miss Universe Canada Siera Bearchell she recalled her time at the Miss Universe pageant back in 2016 and stated, “I was called fat, overweight, Miss Piggy, and more. While the comments hurt, I knew that my purpose at Miss Universe was to show the world that you can be confident and feel beautiful even when you don’t fit what others believe “beauty” to be. I was able to make it into the Top 9 at Miss Universe because I did not fall under the negativity thrown at me. I stood on the Miss Universe stage in front of millions around the world strong and confident.” Now, a successful lifestyle YouTuber and pageant commentator with over 180K subscribers, she advocates for a healthy digital atmosphere free from body-shaming and the wrath of abusive trolls.

Women In Showbiz & The Constant Pressure To ‘Look A Certain Way’

I remember the time when Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma shared a post workout selfie on Instagram a couple of months after giving birth to her daughter Vamika. News outlets were quick to clog our feeds with headlines that were a version of…

“Anushka Sharma Getting Back In Shape. Gearing Up For Her Comeback?”

What comeback? Is she a veteran actress trying to navigate the industry waters after a decade long hiatus? No. She’s just given birth. So, is losing weight after going through childbirth, your definition of an industry comeback? Can a woman with a flabby stomach not act? Get it together y’all.

Pregnancy Police

This one’s for the sleazy tabloids and their godforsaken declarations no one asked for. God forbid an actress chooses to wear a loose-fitting gown on the red carpet. If, by any chance, that falls under their laser beam emitting microscopic vision, consider yourself pregnant. You’re obviously pregnant if you wear anti fitting clothes. Why else would your wear them? Fashion who? Who even wears oversized clothes? Sandlercore is long extinct. All Billie Eilish wears is corsets right? Aaah poor Hailey.

The Sheer Audacity

Image via Pinterest

So, in conclusion, no Abhinav, no one gives a damn about your tweet that says stretch marks are ugly. Stop spewing hate and get off my timeline. Maybe go do something productive and try finding your underwear by yourself without mom’s help. Should keep you occupied enough.

- Digital Fashion Writer


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