Haute Dreams: A Date With Couture Trunk Show

For Arts Sake, UK ; Karen Wazen, UAE

Here’s to a fusion of the east and west to create a wonderful experience unlike any other. Delhi-based brand AiSPi, the ultimate curator of style, came to Hyderabad on the 5th of August for their highly anticipated event “Haute Dreams: A Date With Couture Trunk Show,” held in Hyderabad at the opulent Manish Malhotra flagship store. Scroll down below to unravel the enthralling voyage where glitz and style transcended all boundaries and where authenticity took centre stage.

Aisha Saraf Kothari

For her love of organising exclusive events for the up and coming designer brands to the Indian market, Aisha Saraf Kothari, a global traveller who founded AiSPi in 2017, curated an enticing and daring experience to transform an experiential shopping place into a visual playground.

L’alingi, UK

Located in the upscale Jubilee Hills, it was a one day pop-up event that unfolded into an amalgamation of 24 renowned global designers from Italy, France, Turkey, Germany, Denmark, and Japan. Unconventional combinations and modern takes on classics were the highlight of the presentation, all served up in an unabashedly bold, authentic presentation. With a commitment to introducing emerging designers and niche global talents to the Indian market, AiSPi also brought forth an exclusive collection of handbags and sunglasses for all the luxury fashion enthusiasts.

Rosantica, Italy

There was an introduction to five new brands: from the whimsical yet stylish handcrafted bags of Wai Wai from Rio De Janeiro to the flawless craftsmanship of Moi Meme bags from Milan and artisanal bags by Bera from Istanbul, the array of choices left us spellbound. HVISK, the Copenhagen-based bag brand, renowned for their meticulous attention to detail was a clear standout.

Gnecchi, Italy

The special trunk show aimed to highlight the 30 glorious years of Manish Malhotra by combining the traditional and modern styles in his iconic designs. More than just a fashion event, this experience sought to capture a potential customer’s interest. The standout moment was when Marzook’s design team presented a collection for India in Hyderabad. Glorious indeed!

- Junior Fashion Writer

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