Get to know all about ‘Her’ by Burberry


Anyone who has shopped for perfume knows how difficult it is to find the fragrance that ‘just feels right’. Our choice of perfume is an extension of our personality and it’s a real journey to find the scent that can convey the entirety of who you are as a modern woman. What’ll seal the deal will be how you’ll feel when you spritz it on; and don’t we all want to feel empowered, captivating, and original? Well, in that case, Burberry gives us a brand new fragrance to keep you feeling confident, bold, and smelling irresistibly good all day.

Burberry Her Eau de Toilette is undoubtedly the perfume that speaks to a free-spirited, adventurous, and bold side of you that is looking to chase a new adventure. What makes this scent eclectic and unique is the wonderful blend of floral, fruity, and woody aromas. Each spritz comes loaded with a bold burst of self-confidence, suitable for mornings when you need an extra helping of beautiful feminine energy. This latest addition from the classic Burberry Her collection is a total catch and a must-have in our vanity. 

Wondering what it exactly smells like?

Its potion concoction is floral-fruity with initial notes of blooming peonies, infused with refreshing green pears. It then blossoms into the accents of honeysuckle and rose, softened by the undertones of a woody base. While it sounds floral, it isn’t overly sweet or strong, it has a peculiar softness that creates a refreshing vibrant tone which makes the scent interesting and different. This latest rendition of the popular ‘Her’ line comes in a pistachio green hue in its sleek and luxurious yet simple glass bottle design.


Introducing ‘Her’ to the world

The British luxury fashion house is set to release this masterpiece with Fran Summers taking the center stage in their campaign. The stunningly captured visuals by Mario Sorrenti show Fran exploring a world of fantasy in the morning sun. Entranced by the spirit of London, her mystical character transforms and flies free into the sky chasing a new adventure. The essence of the campaign perfectly portrays a mythical reinvention of modern women who are inspired to see the world from a new perspective. 

Burberry’s new fragrance celebrates the free spirit, confidence, and effortless individuality of modern women who love a good adventure every now and then. Trust us when we say you cannot miss out on this one!

Burberry Her EDT is now available exclusively at Shoppers Stop in June and will be available with leading e-commerce and retailers in July.

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