Her Story’s Take On Modern Perspectives

Her story

The latest campaign by fine jewelry Maison Her Story spotlights the stories of five inspiring personalities – Anoushka Shankar, Smriti Mandhana, Twinkle Khanna, Sobhita Dhulipala, and Kalki Koechlin. The women come together to share their own thoughts on the ideas of tradition, ambition, balance, passion, and freedom, in turn creating space for others to define these ideas for themselves. “As a brand inspired by perspectives of real women, we wanted a campaign that celebrates the authenticity of voice; that captures the aspects of women that are aspirational and often challenged by constructs of society,” says Sitanshi Talati-Parikh, Brand Director, Her Story.

The campaign brings alive their personalities, celebrating keywords and ideas that resonate with them, while they are photographed in a way that best represents the ideas in their own lives, through black-and-white and color portraits. Anoushka Shankar, on tradition, says, “Tradition becomes significant when it feels relevant and when it feels personal and truthful to who I am today. It is something that has a lineage; that is evolving with each person who passes it down.” The Grammy-nominated musician represents the Keepsakes collection, which is inspired by a woman who holds a deep connection to her roots no matter where she may go.

Cricketer Smriti Mandhana, ambassador for the Limitless collection that captures the unstoppable drive and ambition of a woman, shares, “Ambition is one of the biggest words in my life – I don’t think you can do anything without it. It took a lot of determination for me to back myself and play for India.”


Writer, producer, mother, and entrepreneur Twinkle Khanna brings alive the spirit of the Kaleido collection, inspired by a multifaceted woman who balances many roles, saying, “Balance is not about doing anything perfectly – it’s about just doing that task that you have at that moment to the best of your ability.” Speaking on passion, actor Sobhita Dhulipala showcases a captivating energy in the Poetry in Motion collection – inspired by the passion and intensity of a woman who creates her own rhythm in life: “Passion can be quite porous – a flicker of a feeling that is so true and so quick but perhaps you’re changed by it forever.”

And in a beautiful representation of the Born to Fly collection, which captures the free-spiritedness of a woman who lives life on her own terms, actor and writer Kalki Koechlin shares, “Freedom requires courage to do the things that you choose to do, and take responsibility for the actions that you choose to have. To me it means being able to do exactly what I want, without being questioned, with equal opportunities.”

With the Modern Perspectives campaign, Her Story hopes to encourage self – expression and celebrate the beauty of choice of the modern woman. Falguni S Kapadia, Brand and Marketing Director, Her Story, explains, “The intention of the campaign is to ask women a
seemingly simple question, thus creating a moment of reflection for them and provoking them to find answers in their own stories.”

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