Here Is Why The New Dyson Airwrap Multi-Styler Is The Smartest Hairstyling Tool Yet!


‘It doesn’t get better than this’…. is what they said about the Dyson Airwrap multi-styler launched in 2018. And fair enough, the multi-styler totally deserved all the credit and the hype at the time. It sure was the most innovative hair tool ever made, with the ability to give sleek, dreamy, and picture-perfect hairstyles, all while preserving hair health. Obviously, within no time, it became the wonder tool that took the hairstyling game up several notches. And, just when we thought we had it at its best, Dyson raised the bar. Again! They recently launched the new, re-imagined Dyson AirwrapTM multi-styler, with upgraded attachments, and hands down it is the smartest styler yet!  

Bold statement? Not really, one of our beauty editors, Sukriti tried this beauty for herself and the results on her long locks are unmatched, see for yourself!


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This next-gen Airwrap is 100% Elle approved…

So, What’s New?

Those who already are familiar with the Dyson Airwrap predecessor know about the magic of the Coanda effect AKA an “aerodynamic phenomenon” which basically is a way of manipulating airflow, to achieve the right speed and pressure, that attracts, wraps, and styles your hair to perfection with any attachment you use. While the 2018 model was great as is, Dyson went ahead to master and one-up their own creations. The 2022 model is engineered to suit many different hair types and styles with better Coanda control that styles your hair much faster without extreme heat so you don’t have to worry about damaging your hair. It is the only styler out there which dries, shapes, curls, and can be used to hide those annoying flyaways to give your hair the moment it deserves.


The Best Kind Of ‘Attachments’…

Among the major highlights of this new Dyson AirwrapTM multi-styler upgrade are its new and improved attachments. While there are many, not enough can be said about the Coanda smoothing dryer.  A two for one tool, which will not only dry those freshly showered locks for pre-styling, but with a flick of a switch it will also conceal those pesky flyaways with finesse. Thanks to the Coanda airflow, it works it’s magic on variety of hair types without harsh heat. So, no extra tools, no hair damage and does the job of a pro. It’s a pretty good win-win.

The new-gen Airwrap attachments come in a series of different sizes for different hair lengths and types, in which you can switch between the airflow and modes without having to swap the attachments. With the original styler, the air could only flow in one direction, especially on the curling barrels, so they had to be changed in between styling depending on whether you wanted in-turn or out-turn curls. But the newest direction-changing barrel spins both clock- and anti-clockwise, saving you from switching between the tools mid-styling. And for those of you who love the straight shiny look, the upgraded firm and soft brush attachments are available in 2 sizes, which allow more airflow between the rows of bristles giving you the best and the easiest straightening experience ever.

There is good news for those of you who already invested in Dyson’s forerunner, these new attachments are compatible with your beloved styler’s older model, so you can now buy them separately too. Life just got a tad bit easier, didn’t it?

From hair pros to regular beauty enthusiasts, this styling tool is a serious investment to consider, if you’re concerned about hair damage but love the look of effortless blowouts, curls, or salon-finish looks. This next-gen Dyson AirwrapTM multi-styler is super handy and all you need to go from damp and out of shower hair to perfect and shiny waves in minutes. We bet the results will definitely be Gram-Worthy and you’ll fall a little more in love with the way your hair feels.

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