Here’s All You Need To Know About The Label, Plumarii


Translated to ‘embroidery’ in Latin, Jaipur-based ‘Plumarii’ is a slow fashion and home products luxury brand born during the pandemic. With comfort and feminine appeal at its core, the label’s debut collection, Into The Garden, features fluid garments and upholstery, embroidered with botanical motifs. Infused with fresh summer colours, the pieces in pastel shades are made from locally sourced fabrics such as khadi, silk and linen. We caught up with the label’s founder, Nivedita Mathur, to know more about her venture.

Nivedita Mathur

ELLE: What propelled the decision to launch Plumarii in a pandemic? What kind of challenges did you face?

Nivedita Mathur (NM): Being positive in the midst of a pandemic was challenging for me. But as each day passed, I found comfort at home and became content with spending time by myself. The luxury of being safe and sound with my family brought hope. I wanted to start something fresh and vibrant, create clothing with a sense of ease and express myself through nature; that was the connection I was waking up to every day during the lockdown. I spent my days gazing at sunrises and sunsets, walked in my garden barefoot and appreciated the little things in life. It was during these meditative walks that the idea to start my own brand was born.

ELLE: What’s the source of inspiration for your Spring/Summer collection?

NM: I wanted to grow my own plants and funnily enough, the simple act of sowing a few seeds became the source of inspiration for my collection. The whole process of creating Into The Garden was beautiful.

ELLE: How did embroidery become such an important part of Plumarii? Please elaborate on the techniques involved.

NM: I have watched my mother and grandmother spend hours on embroidery, and the subtle craft captivated me. We translated the beauty of floral motifs quite literally onto the cloth. The process is simple: we take the imprint of a flower onto butter paper and then transfer it to the cloth. This template or khaka is what makes each product so special. The idea with our furniture was to take this aesthetic and translate it onto everyday home decor objects. Our Eden Cabinet, for instance, has two beautiful pink and yellow tulips embroidered with yarn, and its thick texture makes it pop out of the khadi fabric. This accentuates the already fascinating look of an embroidered cupboard panel.

ELLE: What are the standout pieces from your clothing and furniture collections?

NM: The Rosalind dress, replete with intricately embroidered flowers, is the showstopper of our collection. The standout pieces from the seating and lounge collection are our classic Damien Chair and the Amazon Day Bed.

ELLE: What are the next steps for Plumarii?

NM: Our plan is to design clothing that people can love and wear for a lifetime. We’re also fascinated by fragrances and would love to explore opportunities in that regard.

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- Lifestyle Editor


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