Here’s How Saturn Entering Pisces Could Make 2023 A Crucial Year For You


It’s time for a reality check; I’m not saying that, astrology is. After a 29 1/2-year-long orbit, Saturn is returning to Pisces. And when this orb of responsibilities moves into the mystical fishes, get ready to have your bubbles burst. This astronomical shift (in both its meanings) was last seen in 1993–the time of Nelson Mandela’s momentous victory but also of the devastating World Trade Center bombing. So, the next three years are going to be a whirlwind.

Saturn finds itself to be very comfortable in Capricorn and Aquarius, which is where it has been since 2017. So through the years we’ve learned lessons around pain, hard work, persistence and resilience with not as much difficulty. Evidently so, the focus was around shared efforts and betterment of the society. But as Saturn is moving into Pisces, these lessons will get a bit tricky, shifting focus on rebranding yourself. Being the farthest planet, Saturn governs all things finite like structure, limit and restriction. Pisces on the other hand revolves around the themes of sensitivity, compassion and escapism.

Although this intertwining of fantasy and reality could be tough to navigate around, it could actually prove helpful. You’ll be challenged to get serious about your dreams, create something tangible and either commit to your boundaries or surrender to the unknown for the next three years. And although it won’t look identical for all, some common themes of how Saturn in Pisces will affect you will be ever-present throughout the zodiac



Saturn is a planet of structure, it keeps your life in check. And Saturn in Pisces will help align your inherent flow of creative juices, allowing you to peruse your projects with discipline. You’ll need to accept your failures with as much intent as you would cherish the limelight. So let go of your ego in order to make room for error. Identify your strengths and channel them correctly.



Piscean traits include people pleasing. But with this planetary change, you’ll be pushed to set boundaries and focus on protecting yourself. You will be hit with waves of emotion and tides of self-doubt, but you must put your needs before others. Once you’ll accept this change, you’ll have the ability to protect your peace. Let your intuitive voice be louder than your cries of passion. Make sure that your sensitivity isn’t being taken advantage of; turn to spirituality, meditate, and try your hand at journaling.



Saturn is the most success-oriented planet and for you, this period might be one of a major glow-up on the career front. You’ll surely be recognised for all your hard work and burning the midnight oil. So, slow your fast-paced thoughts, be more vocal about your professional needs and set intentions. Self-worth is also an area where Saturn will govern your judgement; know where you’ve been adding value and make sure you’re compensated for the same.



The hardships that come along with this era might make you feel conscious while voicing your ideas, but pushing through this self-doubt is vital. Be mindful of not only what you’re saying, but when and how you’re saying it. Find joy in nature than investing your energies in materialistic entities. Be rest assured that you’ll be coming out the other side with much more strength and control.




During this three-year period, you might experience a feeling of loss or dependence. You’ll be faced with emotional and physical struggles within yourself and at home. But don’t be scared to face these issues head-on. Take stock of your finances and fix your spending habits while you can. Start saving up for the future of your dreams. Let go of grudges to find the strength you need to push through this demanding time.



Go that extra mile, literally. You might have been unkind to your body for too long and Saturn is going to sneak up on you on the health front. Prioritise your physical and mental health and re-learn the importance of balance. These three years will prove to be highly productive for you, so set a routine and follow it religiously. Surround yourself with like-minded people who mirror your values and commitments, and say goodbye to your compulsive need to please people.



On the personal front, Saturn in Pisces will lead to friends and acquaintances looking to you for support. The real challenge will arise when you have to be available for them while looking after yourself. Be selective of where and who you choose to invest your time with. This energetic era might also be met with some friendship drama. So, allow loose ends to break but also create space for new connections. If you’re already in a relationship, a deeper level of commitment might be in the cards.



Get ready for some changes because the next three years are going to refresh your thought process by bringing you a new perspective. It’ll change the way you communicate, thus making the next few years quite uneasy. But this period will govern transformation for you. While your luck might wear off, it will be replaced by the dedication Saturn brings with it. So move out of your comfort zone, get ready to answer the tough questions life presents before you and rebrand yourself.

During this cosmic stretch of Saturn in Pisces, don’t forget to dream to no lengths and match it with limitless discipline.

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