Here’s What Makes The Villa Sandi Asolo Prosecco Superiore Brut A Great Addition To Your Intimate Parties

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With the wine culture in India evolving over the past few years, its consumption is now much higher than it used to be. Thanks to the growing craze, the Indian market has welcomed a more diverse range of products from different nations. It is safe to say that India’s exposure to foreign cultures, international education, and fast-changing population are increasing wine consumption. Recently, a collection of wines imported in India by Monika Alcobev, a reputed wine and spirits importer of the country, is becoming a party staple everywhere.

The vineyards in Crocetta del Montello, a town in the province of Treviso that lies in the center of the DOCG Asolo Prosecco, are where the Villa Sandi Asolo Prosecco Superiore Brut is produced. It is made from pure Glera grapes that are solely hand-harvested. After the traditional steps in making white wine, the Charmat Method calls for a second fermentation to be carried out using its own yeasts, this time in an autoclave. Pale straw yellow in colour and marked with a persistent perlage, this sparkling wine has intense fruity notes and some minerality.

Ahead, Sujata Patil, Wine Sales Head at Monika Alcobev tells us more about this wine.

ELLE: Is there a particular way of drinking the Villa Sandi Asolo Prosecco Superiore Brut?

Sujata Patil (SP): I personally feel our wines bring the warm and cozy energy that one should have with their loved ones, be it family members, friends, or partners. Also, researchers have found that couples who drink wine together say they are happier over time, so it’s a win-win situation. Grab a glass for a celebration or date night.

ELLE: At what temperature shall one serve this wine?

SP: The most widespread myth about wine is that it should be served at room temperature, although the best way to enjoy it is to serve it chilly. Different people have different choices of wine temperature, but we highly recommend having Asolo Prosecco chilled between 10 – 12°C.

ELLE: In terms of the Indian palate, what cuisine is best paired with this wine?

SP: When it comes to pairing, this wine tastes good with everything: cheese boards, Chinese food, or simple Indian starters. The wine has a very interesting minerality and fruity balance, which makes it easy to pair with a wide range of main courses from different cuisines. Of course, it is also an exceptional aperitif.

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