Here’s Why Borage Seed Oil Deserves A Spot In Your Skincare Routine


Dryness and inflammation are often the usual suspects behind most skin issues. From acne to eczema and even rosacea, most skin issues can be traced back to these underlying causes. So, when an ingredient comes along that can target both of them, we are bound to sit up and pay attention. Borage seed oil is a plant-derived antioxidant that is used in most facial oils and serums. It has been growing in popularity ever since dewy-skin influencers have started to include it in their routine. And all of their skincare stories have one thing in common – it is a calming ingredient that has helped rebuild their damaged skin without much effort.

So what exactly makes borage seed oil such a sought-after ingredient, and where does it best fit in your routine? We are answering this and more below.

What Is Borage Seed Oil?

Derived from the seeds of a Mediterranean native plant, Borago Officinalis, borage oil is a hydrating and anti-inflammatory ingredient that has been used for medicinal purposes for ages. It is rich in fatty acids and non-comedogenic, making it one of the most beneficial and versatile facial oils out there. In its raw form, the oil has been used for wound healing and fighting skin infections. When used in combination with other carrier oils, borage oil can help boost the natural production of ceramides in your skin. This is why it is an excellent ingredient to add to your barrier-building routine.

Benefits Of Borage Seed Oil For Skin

So we know that this potent ingredient can help calm inflammation, but what else? Some of the significant benefits of borage seed oil that will convince you to add it to your routine are –

1. Replenishing lost lipids – The ingredient is a hydration darling because it can help replenish lost lipids in your skin. This form of hydration from the inside out is precisely why it works so rapidly and effectively. 

2. Remedies advanced skin issues – Your regular facial oil or moisturiser may not be able to soothe conditions like dryness induced eczema and acne. Even inflammatory conditions like rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis often need an advanced solution as well. Borage seed oil has been known to help manage the symptoms around these conditions efficiently. 

3. Prevents water loss from skin – Similar to most facial oils, borage seed oil can also help prevent water loss from your skin. This is because it can strengthen your skin’s natural moisture barrier and lock in the hydration content for long hours. 

4. Prevents acne – A facial oil that can help prevent acne? Yep, you heard that right! Borage oil can help keep acne-causing infections at bay to keep the breakouts to a minimum. 

How To Include Borage Seed Oil In Your Routine

There are several ways to add the ingredient to your routine –

1. When used in your cleansing step, look for cleansing oils that help remove make-up and gunk from your skin. This will help calm and soothe your skin after a long day of make-up application and pollution stress.

2. When used as a facial oil, mix it with other carrier oils like jojoba and primrose; apply it before your moisturiser – dab, don’t rub!

3. When used as a treatment mask, use it post-cleansing and always follow with a moisturiser after. If your skin is feeling too greasy, you can use an additional step of a foaming cleanser to get rid of the mask remnants.

4. Borage seed oil infused moisturisers are also an excellent way to make the most of this ingredient. This is especially true when you’ve used active ingredients like AHAs and BHAs on your skin and need a calming agent to help settle your skin.

Photos: Instagram, Pexels

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