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The mantra at Papa Don’t Preach has always been to expect the unexpected. Bridal ensembles in pastel hues, yes! Outfits with quirky embellishments? Yes again. Dressing up major celebrities like Paris Hilton, Chrissy Teigen, Liza Koshy, Mindy Kaling or Shraddha Kapoor for our December digital cover, PDP has a cult following among fashion lovers. Papa Don’t Preach is gearing up to make 2023 their year with new releases that are chic and will look great on anyone.

Almost instantaneously, the buzzing world around you disappears as you’re pulled into the monochromatic screen with pixelated graphics welcoming you into an immersive virtual playground.

Something as delicate as that of the theme song of our favorite 90’s tv show or the jingle of that one video game that we played endlessly into the night can jolt us back into a nostalgia-nestled memory haze that immerses all of our senses.

Welcome to PAPA by Papa Don’t Preach:

A brand new vertical from the House of Preach, the new collection is an exploration into western wear and presents an opportunity to revisit the past and indulge in playful nostalgia through the world of video games.

The release of the new collection and vertical of western, streetwear is all about a sentimental return to the memories we associate with video games. Huddled around a television or communally playing an adventure game on the 8-bit graphics gaming console is a core memory shared by our loved ones. Video game nostalgia is also documented to be the most powerful nostalgia, given its frozen state as a time capsule of memories. We wanted to capture the essence of that cultural capital with a twenty piece collection of BOLD typography on neon splashes, fresh new silhouettes, chunky heels and an array of print heavy bags and embossed, metal-based jewellery.

“The bittersweet nostalgia of innocent childhood play is something I fall back into often. It provides solace and a sense of belonging. I wanted this collection to be bold – to stand out in a crowd of black and white binary yet provide the same sense of comfort that one would get when they slip into their favorite faded T-shirt from a millennium ago.” – Shubhika Sharma, Founder of Papa Don’t Preach


Level up with BOLD typography on silky satin fabric in baby pinks, yellows and lilacs.
The PAPA line of western wear features 20 pieces of flared jumpsuits, overcoats with a pop of neon, playsuits and dresses with cut-outs. Focusing on that cozy sentiment of childhood play, the materials and fabrics used are soft canvas and himalayan satin. Our show stopper 3 piece set is a bright neon canvas trench, bralet and pencil skirt, covered in our driving me crazy PAPA print – each letter bent to fit into each other like tetris, this is the central print of the collection.

Presenting an antidote to the mundane black and white, the Pixie and Blinding heart print is a new addition to the universe of Papa Don’t Preach. The geometric, pixelated hearts symbolise the multiple lives we get in the world of video games. It’s seen on our trench coats and high-low shirt dresses. Always with a pop of exaggerated shoulders and belt embellished with metal rivets. A high low silhouette satin shirt dress with contrast prints- Pixie and Blinding heart prints in blue iris colour. The look is completed with a regular collar and an exaggerated collar layered on, to form a double collar embellished with our signature lilac enamelled bandaids.

The line wouldn’t be complete without a classic cat-suit. For the first time ever, Papa Don’t Preach introduces a full body sleeveless catsuit in our pink Pac street girl print paired with our blue trench coat in blinding Pac street hearts print.

Papa Don't Preach

Distinctive, strong and unapologetic, the in-your-face typography, prints and blend of vivid and pastel hues depict a departure from the hum-drum of everyday life.


A walk down memory lane wouldn’t be complete without the perfect pair of atomic heels. The PAPA shoes come in a collection of seven chunky heels. The central pair introduces a daring new silhouette architectured with one of a kind all-gold circular heels also known as “Atomoic heels” composed in light-weight metal to complete the look of functional, yet wearable art. Constructed in the signature driving me crazy Papa print, the block heels take on a fresh new look with an exaggerated square platform.


Carry your whimsy in the all-new PAPA bags. A collection of twelve fresh spins on our classic silhouettes. With fanny packs, backpacks, crossbody bags, and micro bags. With a mix of neons and pastels, the blend provides a fresh take on the usual hues. This new release is a design update on our tried and true cult favorite silhouettes. Experimentation being the cornerstone of our aesthetic, the new spin includes variations on the spidey bag with chunky chain straps and a remake of the classic binocular bag with iridescent embellishments and heavy on the drive-me-crazy papa print.


A fifteen-piece, metal-based and hand-embossed collection, the PAPA jewellery is one of a kind with hand-mixed colors to create newer, rarer shades of our bright pops of color. We mixed these enamel colors to bring a unique hue of lime-ish yellow and pale baby pinks that are complete with sentimental shapes. The prints are engraved on earrings, necklaces, and rings and are designed to remain super lightweight for that feather-like feeling. The line also uses custom-carved rose and aqua-toned stones with tiny hearts embossed into metal chains.


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