From Relaxation To Deep Cleansing, These High End Beauty Tools Could Change Your Skincare Game

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While many may pin the endless watching of Youtube beauty channels to harmless scrolling, and possibly a millennial activity given that Gen z is glued to Instagram reels, let me tell you it’s not all rainbows and roses. The impact of this zealous watching is keenly observed on bank accounts. Even the strongest of us have moments where we are lured in by the promise of flawless skin and perfectly plucked eyebrows and make a beeline for the products peddled by the beauty gurus. Unfortunately for my wallet and much to the chagrin of my husband, I tend to be easily coaxed into buying high end beauty tools.

So my beauty vanity looks like I run some covert, highly technical operation from there with concealed weapons and bullets that masquerade as lipsticks, but any agent would be quite dismayed to find that device she has picked up for its laser-like precision is probably a red light therapy wand. In a dangerous situation, I hardly think a skincare beauty tool would keep the bad guys away.

My latest investment is the Solawave Red Light Therapy Wand. I have been religiously using this and I will come back to you on whether it works but if you are looking to tech up your beauty routine, here are some beauty tools that are well worth your well-earned rupees.

High End Beauty Tools Worth The Investment

Braun Face Hair Remover Mini

If you’re sick your peach fuzz playing spoilsport with your makeup or even just making an appearance at the most inopportune times, it’s time to invest in this high end beauty tool that takes away the hair without the pain of waxing. You just gently glide this device over the hairy areas of your face and this plucks them away leaving you with clean, smooth skin. It’s literally the size of a lipstick and has a small light that reveals pesky hair trying to hide. Overall, a pretty solid investment.

Nykaa Clean Touch Face Brush And Massager


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I have been a regular user of this device that gently cleanses your skin with the silicone bristles pulling the gunk of your skin. Which I need at the end of the day because my skin has been subjected to plenty. The monsoon, the pore cloggers and much more. At the end of the day, using this tool has me convinced that skin is squeaky clean and I can go ahead and do my skincare routine which involves lots of lotions, potions and serums.

Foreo Eye Massager Iris

If I ever made a list of high end beauty tools that I would totally be willing to sacrifice an arm or leg for, this Foreo eye massager would be right up there. The promises are that dark circles don’t stand a chance and that puffiness will be undone. Also, there’s a spa mode and that’s got my senses tingling, so if anyone is willing to gift me one of these, I will be right here asking my dark circles to be gone.

By the way, if LED eye patches sound interesting, you might want to click here.

PMD Personal Microderm Pro


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You know, for some of us, popping a pimple can be somewhat of an addiction. And for others, it’s pulling the grime out of our pores. We all have our vices, let’s not judge here. But if you do particularly enjoy cleaning your pores and willing to give at home microdermabrasion a go, this high end beauty tool is just for you. The PMD device cleanses the skin, targets enlarged pores and generally gives you happy looking skin which is never a bad idea. It’s also gentle so you don’t have to worry about it leaving tears on your skin.

Solawave Skincare Wand with Red Light Therapy


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The Solawave wand is deceptive in that it looks like a razor but what it really does is shaves the years off your face. You see what I did there? The claims by the brand are many- that you can depuff your skin, reduce dark circles (oh my undereyes will put up quite a fight here), wrinkles will be less visible (though not banished, I imagine) etc. Now the jury is out on this one- mainly because I have just got it but it’s pretty loaded. You get a microcurrent that should get all your cells buzzing, red light therapy that’s supposed to rejuvenate the skin, a facial massage promise and a wand head that warms up so it feels like a hug. I have been using this for almost a week now and while the results might not be visible this soon, I certainly love this addition to my skincare routine.

If you want to read about why perhaps listening to your beauty guru isn’t great advice all the time, read this.


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