Take A Step Towards Holistic Healing At Kerala’s New Ayurveda Retreat Amal Tamara

Amal Tamara

The quest for personal growth towards inner wellbeing has led to a need for slowing down and embracing the present moment. As we revisit our roots to find new meaning in ancient wisdom, it becomes clear that cultivating a better, more sustainable lifestyle, anchored in nature is what our soul seeks. Here to orchestrate an immersive experience for you in God’s own country is Amal Tamara, a new Ayurveda retreat in Kerala. 

Located in Mannanchery, a two-hour drive from the Kochi airport, Amal Tamara boasts of a luxurious 19-key property nestled in lush greenery featuring a picturesque lake view. With a 7-day minimum stay, the wellness retreat applies the unique Ayurvedic concept of ‘Chikitsa Chatushpada’ that deals with the 4 important limbs in holistic healing: physician, patient, therapist, and medicine. Every program at Amal Tamara is carefully designed to offer tranquillity, personalized diets, exercise and meditation regimes for a truly transformative experience. 

“It is perhaps less well-known that our family comes from a long line of Ayurvedic practitioners dating back to the 1920s. Our approach to wellness is one with a long-term vision. Every experience will begin well before the arrival of our patients and will extend to long after they leave the property. Our medical experts or ‘Vaidyas’ are highly skilled and this knowledge and philosophy will remain at the bedrock of every decision taken at Amal Tamara.” says Shruti Shibulal, CEO & Director, Tamara Leisure Experiences Pvt. Ltd.

The journey of an Amal Yatri begins with a detailed consultation with medical experts who assess your concerns, body composition, and goals before designing personalized and specialized treatments and schedules. The wellness retreat offers Ayurvedic programmes for everything from immunity-boosting and anti-ageing to Panchkarma and weight management. Additionally, a customized menu is designed to suit each individual’s dietary and health requirements, consisting of wholesome vegetarian meals, prepared by expert in-house chefs. All this is in addition to meditation, yoga, and cultural experiences.

Guests can choose between three categories of rooms: Astha (450 square feet), Ekta (550 square feet), and Idha (750 square feet), which overlook the breathtaking Vembanad Lake. The retreat offers a range of wellness activities like making your own medicine by understanding the ingredients and preparation methods involved, the Agnihotram ritual, Raga therapy, Guided meditations, sound baths and much more. 

Culinary Escapades at Amal Tamara

Amal Tamara also offers guests a chance to take up culinary sessions where they can learn how to prepare the dishes offered at the retreat and take the wisdom of Ayurvedic cuisine home with them. Along with that, the retreat invites you to immerse yourself in the healing nature of the traditional arts of the region— from veena and Kathakali performances to coir-making and Kalaripayattu. 

Take a step towards your wellness journey with Amal Tamara for an unforgettable experience to heal the mind, body, spirit and truly transform your life.

- Digital Writer


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