ELLE Exclusive: Hollywood’s Favourite Skin Care Brand Makes Its Way To India

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From Hollywood celebrities to beauty editors across the globe, everyone swears by Dr Barbara Sturm. The german aesthetician launched her skincare line back in 2003, and the products are nothing less than legendary. The brand has finally come to the Indian market. Its entire Molecular Cosmetics collection includes best-sellers such as Darker Skin Tones Hyaluronic Serum, Face Cream, Glow Drops, and Face Mask. In an exclusive interview with Dr Sturm, we learn more about her line.

ELLE: What inspired you to become an aesthetics doctor?
Dr Barbara Sturm (BS): I began my medical practice in anti-inflammatory orthopaedics. I later translated some of the scientific anti-inflammatory advances I helped pioneer in joints into skin and aesthetics. Aesthetics is a combination of art and science, and it is a fascinating challenge with an immediate and very gratifying outcome. I started by injecting hyaluronic acid and botox, which provided great results, but I kept thinking that it would be a great additional anti-ageing booster for the skin if we also started mixing it with the body’s own anti-inflammatory healing factors like I did in orthopaedic medicine. The results, in the form of my ‘blood facial,’ lasted longer, and the skin benefited greatly from the additional healing power and anti-inflammatory proteins. I always liked to swim against the mainstream, and I see skin and overall wellness through the prism of combatting inflammation through ingredient science.

Dr Barbara Sturm Nykaa

ELLE: Your skincare products started as prescription-only. What made you create your line that’s now available to the masses?
BS: After I created my first bespoke, plasma-based cream (MC1) to prescribe to my patients, I received a lot of questions about which other products should be used for daily skincare routine and because I couldn’t really recommend any, I decided to invent my own skincare line and make it available to everyone.

ELLE: If you had to pick just one product from your line that works for all skin type, what would it be?
BS: If I had to single out one, it would be my face cream. It moisturises the skin and nourishes it with valuable oils like grape seed, balancing the skin and protecting it from dehydration. It also contains purslane, which calms the skin, promotes anti-ageing and has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

ELLE: Indian skin is prone to blemishes. What would be the best way to deal with it?
BS: Sebum production tends to be greater in the skin with more active melanocytes, while the fundamental need for hydration, nutrition and anti-ageing ingredients is the same for all skin types. The products from my darker skin tones line contain ingredients that have potent anti-inflammatory effects. They help balance out the skin’s sebum production, and ingredients like lumicol evens out the skin tone.

Dr Barbara Sturm Nykaa

ELLE: What are some of the most common skincare mistakes?
BS: Here are three: First, avoid zigging and zagging in-between products and brands. The ingredients may work at cross purposes. Second, don’t be tempted by quick-fix anti-ageing approaches, like acid peels and harsh lasers that create inflammation and harm rather than heal your skin. And third, avoid using aggressive ingredients. Skincare aims to soothe and reduce inflammation, not cause it, and skincare should never cause any discomfort.

ELLE: Your favourite beauty pick-me-up?
BS: Face Mask from my line and a good night’s sleep.

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