Homegrown Brand Kiro Beauty’s Owner On The Brand’s Rise In The Beauty Industry, The Struggles And More


My first interaction with Kiro Beauty was with their collaboration with Payal Singhal for their Non-Stop Airy Matte Liquid Lipsticks–a comfortable, velvety formula boasting beautiful shades of pinks, browns, nudes and reds–and I was instantly impressed. Here was a homegrown brand standing shoulder to shoulder with the coveted formulas of cult favourites.

So, intrigued by their brand ethos and enamoured by their eyeliners, foundation and newly launched lip oils, I found myself drawn deeper into their world. And thus the urge to unravel their story led me to its very heart–the founder of Kiro Beauty, Vasundhara Patni.


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“Our brand is dedicated to providing clean, high-quality makeup products designed for modern on-the-go consumers,” says Vasundhara, reflecting on the brand’s mission to redefine beauty standards. From nude lipsticks to versatile eyeshadow sticks, their diverse range of cosmetics is tailored to meet the needs of individuals who seek simplicity without compromising on quality.

Despite not being a makeup enthusiast, Vasundhara surprised many by launching her makeup brand. “My journey started as a blend of business acumen, personal experiences and identifying a market gap. As I turned 35, my skin wasn’t getting younger and I felt the need to start using makeup products. Simultaneously, as a mother of two, my standards for products skyrocketed and the need to have good quality clean products was essential. At this point, I realised that India lacked a clean, easy-to-use yet glamorous beauty brand.”

And so she set out to do just that, beginning with extensive research and conversations with over 200 women from various backgrounds.


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It became evident to Vasundhara that there was a growing demand for everyday makeup that was both high-quality and free from harmful chemicals, and that many women resorted to purchasing clean cosmetics abroad because they couldn’t find suitable options in India. “Recognising this gap between the existing market offerings and the needs of consumers, I saw an opportunity to create Kiro,” says Vasundhara.

However, as a small, homegrown brand, the early stages of the brand were not without challenges. “Despite the excitement surrounding the launch, our brand encountered a major roadblock the month we were to launch with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic,” recalls the founder. They were forced to pivot to an online-only strategy overnight, but the team’s remarkable adaptability and determination in the face of adversity propelled them forward.


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The muse for Kiro’s first product is actually who the brand was made for–the modern Indian woman who craves everyday makeup that is both exceptional and clean. “At the heart of our brand lies a dedication to empowering individuals to express their unique beauty and we aim to offer global-quality products at affordable prices,” emphasises Vasundhara.

Their products are formulated with the perfect balance of clean, skincare ingredients and high performance, ensuring that consumers need not compromise on efficacy for the sake of safety. With a focus on easy, minimal makeup for daily wear, Kiro Beauty caters to a diverse audience of individuals who value quality, vegan products that elevate their beauty routines.

What’s Next For Kiro Beauty?

Some of Kiro’s most loved products are also my personal favourites–the liquid eyeliner, matte liquid lipsticks and colour-changing lip oils. As the brand looks toward the future, exciting developments are on the horizon. “While details of upcoming launches remain under wraps, one thing is certain–Kiro Beauty will continue to innovate, evolve and meet the ever-changing needs of their discerning clientele,” assures the founder. So, whether you’re a makeup enthusiast or a casual user, hop on board with Kiro Beauty on their journey to redefine beauty standards and celebrate the essence of modern beauty, one clean product at a time!

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