Hop On The Healthy Hair Care Train


if a hairstylist saw your shower shelf stocked up with rows of shampoos, conditioners and hair masks that you never really use except for that one concoction filled with sulphates they would have one thing to say – you’re damaging your hair.

In a world full of toxins ready to ruin your hair, you need a range of products that genuinely cares. And what’s better than the cruelty-free, organic and homemade line of shampoo bars, oils and hair masks by Deyga Organics?!

Hop on the organic train and choose Deyga’s hair care that moisturises your locks with amla, coconut milk, castor oil and bringaraj, sans chemicals. These act as food for your scalp, giving it the tools to not only repair your dull and damaged hair from within but also give it a makeover after regular use. Using this natural range of hair care will inherently lead to healthier strands as opposed to when you use sulphate showers that strip you off shiny, healthy and happy locks.

The haircare range comprises different hair oils (cold-pressed), hair pack, shampoo bar and as an added bonus, a wooden neem comb for post-hair wash care.

Arthi Raguram, the brand’s founder, explains how food for the scalp is equally essential to repair and replenish your locks. “As a beauty brand, we take the responsibility to serve the best quality products in an era where even food is served adulterated”. Even though there is no real magic that will give you shiny, healthy hair overnight, her organic ayurvedic recipes come close.

So it doesn’t matter where in the world you’re reading this from because Deyga’s worldwide availability will deliver at your doorstep. Why are you still here? Get Set Deyga, people.

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