Hot address: Jamie’s Pizzeria, Mumbai


Jamie Oliver isn’t an unfamiliar name. You’ve probably been to (or at least heard of) his Pizzeria in Delhi and of course, his Italian restaurant, Jamie’s Italian that followed. The celebrated chef finally brings the Pizzeria to Mumbai and ELLE scored an exclusive (follow us on Snapchat (elle.india) to keep track of other new openings). You can’t help but feel at home as soon as you walk into Jamie’s Pizzeria – you can thank the casual, homely ambience coupled with the scent of fresh dough for that. A quick glance at the concise menu and you’re assured it’s not going to burn a hole in your pocket. We got the hand-pulled garlic bread, fiery potato wedges and fritto misto for starters. While the former is always a no-brainer, as good as you expect it to be, the wedges weren’t exactly ‘fiery’. Get their secret chilli sauce to dip in and you’ll have all the fire you need. The latter had to be the winner; fish, prawns and squid batter-fried with a fresh tartare dip. Make sure you try their homemade iced tea and lychee spritz – they both make for refreshing alternatives to fizzy cola. For the real deal, the pizzas, ditch the Margherita; it’s just not as cheasy as we’d like it to be. Instead, get the pepperoni which is bang on if you want to play it safe or order a chicken basil pollo for your greens fix for the day. For the vegetarians, the paneer piccante is a hands-down winner with soft protein, bell peppers and just the right amount of flavour. We finished up with a comforting slice of tiramisu with orange rind, because why not?

Jamie’s Pizzeria, High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel, Mumbai. Tel: xx

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