How To Ace Disha Patani’s Flawless Skin And Hair

Whether it’s challenging herself with a hardcore workout, a new dance routine or acing the beauty game, actor Disha Patani makes things look so easy. Scroll through her Instagram and you’re sure to wonder what’s the secret to her flawless hair and skin. The actor, who is the face of homegrown beauty brand WOW Skin Science’s haircare range, believes in keeping it simple when it comes to her beauty routine. “My most essential skincare product would be a moisturiser. It’s a basic necessity for me and I would definitely splurge on that,” says Disha. ELLE chatted with the actor about all things beauty and wellness and here are five lessons we’ve learnt from her…

Lesson #1: Own your positive traits

Be it a case of breakouts or just a bad day that’s making you moody, we all have times when our self-confidence takes a beating. To lift your spirits, Disha recommends, “Whether it’s with or without make-up, remember that the real beauty is you. Your spirit and character are what really really counts.”

Lesson #2: Go old school with hair care

The good old oil champi not only nourishes the scalp by boosting circulation but also promotes hair growth. “I am super traditional when it comes to taking care of my hair. Oiling my hair at least twice a week is non-negotiable. On wash days I stick to a mild shampoo and conditioner,” says Disha. Harsh sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) laced hair care often strips the scalp of its natural oils, leaving it clean, but dry.

Lesson #3: Balance your look

“When it comes to [make-up], my style is very minimal. Less is more,” she says. Disha’s trick is to focus on highlighting one feature, as seen on her Instagram. It’s either the eyes, like this sparkly gold eye look or a bold red lip and nothing else.

Lesson #4: Be consistent with exercise

Of course, everyone has their low-motivation days and Disha Patani recommends doing something small, especially when laziness hits. “This will help you to stay on track,” she adds.

Lesson #5: Switch up your workouts

To keep boredom at bay, Disha likes to do a variety of workouts. “In the mornings, I do cardio and weight train in the evenings. I also make sure I get in a few gymnastics sessions during the week,” she says. Doing this will also help you to break through a training plateau.

Photographs: Instagram (Disha Patani)

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