How To Ace The ABG Make-up Trend In 5 Simple Steps


The ABG (Asian Baby Girl) make-up look has been popularised by ‘Insta-baddies’ of social media who have one thing in common: they are all extremely good at make-up! We are talking perfectly blended contour, seamless eyeshadow application and precise winged liners that amateurs can only dream about creating. An ABG make-up look is primarily about playing a character. These girls are supposed to spend their days drinking bubble tea and hanging with boys with shiny, expensive cars. And while we do not believe in stereotyping, we love the make-up look born out of it.

The critical component of an ABG transformation is to sculpt your face to look longer. Long, wavy hair extensions are often used to further elongate your face. You may even supplement the look with a couple of fake tattoos and a sexy LBD. But the face might take you more than a couple of minutes, and these essential steps-

Step 01 - Contour
Start by prepping your skin with an illuminating primer to get your glow on. Follow up with a primer and sheer foundation. The ABG transformation begins with your contouring - focus the concealer on the under eye and forehead to make these areas a focus point. Add depth to your cheeks and hairline with a bronzer for subtle contouring; blend everything together with a make-up sponge.
Step 02 - Bake
Baking is the process of applying tinted loose powder in your complexion to parts of your face and leaving it on for 3-5 minutes to highlight the area. Lightly apply a loose powder with a beauty blender and place it in an upward motion going towards your temples. Place the powder on the sides of your nose as well. Once the loose powder is done baking, use a fluffy brush to dust excess powder off of your face; make sure to flick it away from your face.
Step 03: Eyes
ABG transformations keep the eyeshadow minimal; opt for shimmery neutrals that lightly flush your skin with a foiled shade. Pop on some falsies and coloured contact lenses to finish your eye look.
Step 04: Highlight 
Highlighter is a crucial step in your ABG transformation look. You need to add a high-intensity pigment to the top of your cheeks, cupid's bow, bridge of the nose, into your hairline and under your eyebrow bone. Add a touch of highlighter to the jawline as well.
Step 05: Lips 
For final touches, you will need to create uber-plump lips - start by overlining them with a pigmented lip liner and eye an eyeliner brush to blend the colour to the inside of your lips. Apply a thin layer of tinted gloss in the centre of your lips to finish the look.
Photos: Instagram

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