How to celebrate Valentine’s day—based on your partner’s love language

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Valentine’s Day is here, so we’ll get straight to the point. You want to impress your partner, and we just want to make world the world a happier place so here’s some help:

First, allow us to break down the concept of love languages. In 1995, Gary Chapman released a self-help book called The Five Love Languages, which basically says that each person experiences and expresses love in a different way.

Here’s a handy guide to understanding your partner’s love language and planning a romantic Valentine’s Day:

1) Receiving gifts

Traits: Nothing makes them feel more loved than a thoughtful present.

Ideas: You know that part of your brain where you store conversations you can use as ammo in fights later? Tap into that and think back to the times when your partner spoke about things that caught their fancy. It could be a gadget, pair of shoes or even a kitchen appliance. Get them the thing they were lusting after to make their day; if it’s custom-made, even better.

2) Quality time

Traits: Loves moments of togetherness, feels special if you give them your undivided attention.

Ideas: You better leave work early if you already haven’t taken the day off to spend with bae (sans any distractions). It might be hard if you have a social media addiction and/or a five-second attention span (millennials, we’re looking at you), but it’s the best way to impress your partner. Use this time to get to know each other better — dust off the childhood albums and swap stories. Or spend the day Netflix and chilling. If you’re the outdoor types, go for drunch, or head to the new restaurant your partner has been dying to check out.

3) Words of affirmation


Traits: Finds statements like “I love you”and “I’m always here for you” super reassuring.

Ideas: Leave your S.O. cute notes around the house as a surprise. We promise you their face will light up every time they stumble upon one. Set up a karaoke date and keep the classic romantic numbers handy (Think Elton John and Frank Sinatra). Or write them a letter listing all the reasons they’re awesome and why you fell head over heels for them. It’s sweet without being cheesy. Not exactly a writer? A voice recording will do the trick as well. Just make sure it’s personal and heartfelt.

4) Acts of service (devotion)

Traits: Appreciates it when responsibilities are shared, and believes actions speak louder than words.

Ideas: Now, this may not sound like the most romantic gift, but replace that bulb, clean up the closet, coordinate details for the next fam jam…do whatever you can to take the load off your partner. You can score brownie points by tackling those tasks that they’ve been dreading or putting off for a while. To make the day more special, whip up their favourite meal—it’ll mean much more to them than Chinese take-out or even dinner at a fancy restaurant.

5) Physical touch

Traits: Feels connected and safe by holding hands, hugging and spooning.

Ideas: Umm, need we spell it out? Bring out the candles, put on the right music and set the mood. Make sure it’s an evening your partner remembers for a long, long time to come.

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