How To Not Just Survive, But Thrive Through The Mercury Retrograde


Mark your calendars because we’re nearing that time of the year again when you get the chance to blame all your life problems on our common enemy, Mercury. Couldn’t submit your work on time because your computer crashed right before you could hit save? Condemn the retrograde. Late to work because your car won’t start? Curse the retrograde. Accidentally sent an email to the wrong person? Accuse the retrograde. You get the drift. Your boss may not understand, but we do, and we’re here to help. So fasten your seatbelts and brace yourself for the rollercoaster that is the Mercury Retrograde.

So, what is Mercury Retrograde anyway?

Three to four times a year, Mercury, the planet of communication, passes the Earth in its orbit. Much like two cars at different speeds passing each other, this creates an optical illusion of one (Mercury) moving backwards. The course reverse may be faux but the effects are very real. Expect technological hiccups, miscommunications, delays, and all that good stuff. Although it has a bad rep, Mercury Retrograde is not to be feared. It offers us a chance to self-reflect, rejuvenate, tie up loose ends and finish what we’ve started. Here’s how you can sail through upcoming rough waters:

1. Think before you speak or hit send 

There’s a high chance of putting one’s foot in the mouth during Mercury Retrograde, so play your words in your head before you spit them out. Misunderstandings are a common occurrence during this time so be aware of not just what you say but also how it’s being perceived. When you’re on the receiving end, be empathetic towards the other person. Bonus tip: Keep those controversial tweets to yourself until Mercury goes direct.

2. Be prepared for technical difficulties 

The retrograde is known to cause havoc with technology. A word to the wise—password-protect all your important data, and back it up to the cloud. Be patient with your tech and prepare for glitches. Turn on autosave while working on projects and keep a copy of everything.

3. Don’t text your toxic ex (or any ex)

Don’t be surprised if an old flame or childhood crush slides into your DMs. The urge to reconnect with past lovers and friends is a big theme during a Mercury Retrograde. Be careful about not just who you let back into your life but who you reach out to as well. Often, the toxic ex returns for the purpose of closure and not because you’re suddenly meant to be together again. Sorry.

4. Leave room for error

Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Don’t cut things too close, double-check appointment timings, and leave some space in your schedule for possible delays.

5. Don’t take big decisions

If you think a contract is too good to be true, you’re probably right. Mercury retrogrades are good for completing the projects you’ve started but not as much for inking new deals. Refrain from making any life-changing decisions or big purchases. However, if you can’t postpone it any longer, remember to read the fine print and measure twice before you cut once.

6. Take it one day at a time 

Lastly, be gentle with yourself and others. This can be an overwhelming time, so remember to indulge in some extra self-care. Don’t fight the flow, instead, surrender to the process and keep your sense of humor alive. You’ve survived numerous retrogrades in the past and there’s no reason why you won’t get through this one too.

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