How To Pick Your Skincare Essentials

Very few brands can live up to their ethical and clean beauty claims, but the vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand Plum is delivering on all its promises. The beauty brand has a wide collection of products to address every skin, hair and body concern that are not just kind to the planet but also non-toxic. Their eye make-up range is also quite popular with the kohl pencil being a top seller. “At our core we are a brand that’s about putting goodness out in the world rather than taking away from it. This means we don’t use animal products, don’t test on animals, and create research-backed non-toxic formulas,” says Arushi Thapar, Plum’s brand head. As part of the brand’s 6th anniversary celebrations, Thapar lists down top skincare essentials and her favourites


“Pick a cleanser based on your skin type, this is the most basic skincare step for any routine. You can pick from Plum’s range of cleansing balms and lotions and SLS-free face cleansers to suit your skin’s needs. What’s important to remember is that if you’re wearing make-up, you must take it off with a make-up remover and follow it with face wash.”


“A lot of people skip this step because they simply don’t know what a toner A toner balances skin’s pH level, tighten pores, and preps skin to absorb your moisturiser or serum. It’s just as important for dry skin as it is for oily skin. Plum’s toners are alcohol-free, and I’d recommend you pick one from our Green tea, Chamomile or E-luminence range based on your skin type.”

3. Masks

“Plum’s clay masks detox skin by drawing out impurities, cleansing pores and giving skin and instant hit of brightness. Our Green Tea Clear Face Mask is one of our most popular, and it really helps clarify skin and gives instant brightness. When using a clay mask, remember to not let it completely dry out it may irritate your skin.”

4. Scrubs

“When it comes to scrubs, everyone suffers from Goldilocks’ dilemma: you need something that’s not too harsh but not too gentle either. We created Plum’s Green Tea Gentle Revival Face Scrub when we got several requests for a gentle scrub that’s suited for oily, acne prone skin. Pick a physical exfoliant if you like that feeling of a grainy scrub. Chemical exfoliants like glycolic acid exfoliate skin even though you don’t feel the scrub physically. Try your scrub of choice once a week, especially if you have acne-prone skin—practice restraint if you have active acne.

5. Moisturiser

“Even if you skip the other skincare steps, you must cleanse and moisturise your face. Yes, even if you have oily skin. During the day you can apply a lightweight formula on and go for something richer at night when the skin is in self-repair mode. Plum’s Green Tea Night Gel is a bestseller that provides balanced hydration so you don’t wake up with greasy skin. For dry skin layer a face oil and deep moisturise with a cream.”

6. Sunscreen

“Sunscreen is not just for vacations, you need it even when you’re at home as well. Sitting by your window will expose you to UVA and UVB rays, and our devices expose skin to blue light. Both of them damage skin cells in the long term. A sunscreen that suits your skin will protect you from the damage and maintain skin health for longer. You can pick our gel-based sunscreen for oily skin, there’s also one for mature skin from our Bright Years range.”

Shopping with Plum comes with an additional feel-good factor with the brand’s Empties4Good program. While the brand only uses recyclable packaging, they go the extra step to collect your empty Plum containers and recycle them as well. Plus, you earn shopping points for this.

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