How To Wear Athleisure When You’re Not Going To The Gym: A Lesson From Janhvi Kapoor


Not sure how to wear sweatpants in a way that actually feels cool and elevated? To be honest, we weren’t too confident either until we saw Janhvi Kapoor rocking her gym clothes almost everywhere. Between the star’s head-to-toe streetwear looks and super laid-back brunch outfits that look so chic, you barely even notice the girl is wearing sweatpants. Thanks to Janhvi Kapoor, we officially have proof that athleisure can be passed as appropriate day wear—and not just lounge or workout gear.

In addition to a handful of Kapoor’s greatest outfits with sweatpants and sports bras that will have you convinced to try the look, we also present you with a high-street selection of our favourites on the market right now. Because let’s be real—if you’re going to wear sweatpants out on the town, they better be cool. Here we have our favourite Janhvi Kapoor approved ways to wear sweatpants, followed by our favourite pairs.

Pair your gym shorts and favourite sneakers with a cozy knit, this outfit is perfect for all your errands. Also, the oversized jumper comes in super handy when you go for movies.

Crop tops and classic bags paired with your run-of-the-mill sweatpants goes beyond loungewear

When you wanna show off that hard work you’ve put in the gym, just throw on a sheer jacket like Janhvi on your usual gym outfit, and voila!

Peek-a-boo mesh tops and reliable sweatpants are your best bet if you wanna embrace your toned bod or just take a breather because #YOLO

Invest in sweats in a cool hue like Janhvi to guarantee you always make a statement.

Turn your fat days into PHAT days with a baggy yet eye-grabbing gym T-shirt, paired with a classic skinny jeans and the comfiest chappals you can find (a Chanel bag never hurts).

Gym tops + denim shorts = Lazy girl’s wardrobe staples.

Turn to basics when you’re too lazy to put your mind into dressing, no one can go wrong with a basic white shirt and blue denims paired with Janhvi- approved white gym sneakers.

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