The Most Controversial, Iconic Moments From Koffee With Karan That Have Us Waiting For The New Season

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Koffee With Karan is being renewed for a season 7. This is not a drill. I repeat, KWK, the Gossip Girl equivalent of chat shows, is set to make a comeback after a 3-year long hiatus. The sadistic pleasure I acquire from watching an interviewer prod the interviewee with crass and meddlesome questions is unparalleled. *Laughs in Satan.* Especially when it’s KJo doing the questioning. That man manages to possess every receipt, every Bollywood secret and can whip out any NSFW recording in a millisecond. But what sets this show apart from the pool of chat shows that didn’t take off, is the guest factor. The guests here are trying to keep secrets and failing. Either they’ll set the internet on fire or get suspended from a couple of cricket games. Or both. No in-between.

So, my dear Gossip & Co girlies, gone are the days of being parched. The tea will be spilt and the burner account memers will be working extra time. And yes, Twitter will blow up, for sure, now that Mr Musk plans to bring back the suspended accounts. Buckle up, ‘cuz it’s Runout time for celebs!

1. The Big Political Debacle By SOTY’s Alia

Credits: Star World

The face that launched a thousand shi….I mean, the moment that defined the comedic stronghold of the decade is something you don’t forget. Three newbies, on the verge of being launched by Papa Jo, in a love triangle- the audiences were already hooked. But then, in a rapid-fire round, Alia’s president goof-up definitely laid the final brick, and lit the torch of cementing Alia’s foray into the industry.

2. When Katrina Said She Would Look Good With Vicky Kaushal On Screen

Get yourself a man who blushes like Mr Kaushal. Or, build fake scenarios. The latter is more practical, though. Simp nation surely had a field day now that both of them are married to each other. Which also makes this moment 10 times sweeter to look back at.

3. Kangana Ranaut’s Nepotism Flagbearer Comment

Credits: Hotstar

This was spicy. Nostril flaring and runny-nose spicy. The movie mafia and flag bearer of nepotism comment by Kangana Ranaut ignited the flames of a big social media and nepo gang war that still runs deep. However, when Saif, who was seated next to Kangana in this very episode said, “What am I even doing here?” it had all of us hollering.

4. Alia & Deepika’s Quip About Going To The Men’s Loo

Credits: Hotstar

Yes, you heard that right. The beginning of their friendship shared a common thread of rushing to the men’s loo at a Coldplay concert. The women’s queue was super long (not even a bit surprising) and hence, they ran straight into a comparatively emptier men’s washroom and the rest is history. That’s a real meet-cute as revealed on Koffee With Karan.

5. Kareena’s Mean Girl Moments


Listen up, we do not tolerate any Bebo slander here, okay? I mean I get it, she can get catty at times, but if not Poo, then who? Be it the time she poked fun at Priyanka’s accent or when she declared John Abraham expressionless (+1), her appearances on Koffee with Karan happen to be one of the most talked about episodes. And rightfully so.

6. Mai Karke Aaya-Gate

Credits: Hotstar

The unforgettable suspension fiasco led by BCCI on account of Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul’s remarks received opinions galore. While KL was a mere spectator in this conversation, it was Pandya’s comments about women and their ‘backsides’ which stirred up the storm (shitstorm) that even led to a mini boycott movement against the show altogether. Only because wow, the misogyny in that statement. He also said something on the lines of him being black (the ethnicity) just because he’s dark skinned (RIP logic). Even though apologies were rendered, the fans were left with a foul taste in their mouths.

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