Your Ideal Workout Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Every year on January 1st, “staying fit” somehow manages to squirm right to the top of my New Years intentions. Barely a week later, I’m spotted on my couch with a cup of coffee and a bag of chips, back to wasting my time, which makes me wonder if being lazy is an innate personality trait or it’s just the fault in my stars. “It’s not on me, mercury was in retrograde” tends to be my go-to excuse (to myself) to drop out of a workout regime. An ideal workout for me would be one where I am not required to move any muscle. But, anyway, at this point, we’re all desperate enough to cling to any pretext to get out of bed and get our fitness mojo back.

Now, we understand that there are a plethora of physical activities for you to try out, but for the sake of your sanity, we think we know why it’s so tricky to find a workout for yourself that doesn’t completely suck. Perhaps it has more to do with your personality than the workout itself. So, whether you’re a stalwart fitness fanatic or a fitness rookie, you might want to leave it up to your stars (quite literally) to find your new workout jam. Seems like it’s not too late to get your body ready for summer. Or you know, winter.


We see you, Aries, and your competitive, bold, and gung-ho spirit. You yearn to feel the burn, and your hankering for a good adrenaline rush makes a high-intensity workout perfect to keep your energized self in check. A HIIT workout or a spin class would be an ideal workout to keep your competitive alter-ego in control and considering a single-person sport will fuel your (friendly) competitive edge.


You quite literally only love your bed and your mom. We know the gym is the last place you nonchalant folks would like to be at. Your sign is known for its slow and steady pace, your top picks would be something that keeps you on your toes – a quick run, or a nature-fueled hike just might be what you need to get you off that couch you’ve been stuck on.


In a nutshell, Geminis are social bees that enjoy everything that includes people. An ideal workout would be one that involves both vigorous exercise and socializing. Always eager to switch it up, you’d likely want to chop and change workouts because nothing can hold your attention for a long period of time. Enrolling in a boot camp will meet your need for variety and people while also keeping your attention (at least for a while). Given your capacity to move on swiftly, we wouldn’t be surprised if you decide to start off your kickboxing class the following week.


You’re a homebody who loves your people. You, as a natural nurturer, need to take a break from the mayhem. Swimming would be ideal because you’re a water baby, but since that seems a little difficult to do right now, yoga or a pilates class would be a good idea,  providing you a sense of self and giving you a moment to just breathe.


You are fun, fun, and (some more) fun! And a little workout party is precisely how you want your exercise to be. Get yourself registered in a Zumba class, add some music to sway to and a high-intensity workout is pretty much all you need. Get ready to shake a leg, Leo, we’ve found you your ideal workout.


Pilates it is. We realize how arduous it may be to find the right workout for perfectionists. We believe a good Pilates session will provide you with a chance to burn some calories whilst enjoying a relaxing reprieve from your constant thoughts that threaten to derail your focus. Such a classic Virgo!


You natural charmers are suckers for balance and love a social outing or two. A barre class will almost perfectly satisfy your need for harmony, balance, and grace (& some fun banter post class)

Pro tip- Be prepared to wake up sore the next morning!


Take it easy, Scorpios!  We know, you love an intense workout, but along with sweating it out, we think something that can also keep your aggression in check off-field would be – boxing. Yes, fight it out in the ring, so you can release those bottled-up feelings. We know that an ideal workout for you would involve some sort of release. Maybe paste your boss’ picture on your punching bag?


Nobody enjoys spending time outside more than a Sag! Hiking, cycling, running, anything that calls to go into the wilderness, is the Sag way to go about it. So keep doing what you love to do because it also keeps your summer body in check!


You’re a sucker for a good challenge. You’ve got what it takes to be a tough cookie: you’re diligent, ambitious, patient, and enjoy testing your limits. What better way to test your fortitude than to go rock climbing? Push your boundaries and soar to new heights, Capricorn. (Quite literally!).


Teamwork is dream work! The phrase pretty much sums up an Aquarius’ existence, any team sport that could get you out of your own head would be an ideal workout for you. Join a dance class, or go for a run or take a hike, but don’t forget to take your bud along!


Aqua it! Being the last of the water signs, you’re undoubtedly a joy to watch when swimming; your deep intuitive soul yearns for anything that screams water. Although swimming is certainly the best way to go about it, you may mix it up a little by trying water aerobics or canoeing from time to time. You might also attempt yoga to unwind and see things clearly.

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