Improve Sleep, Hair Quality & Stamina With These Herbal Supplements


Sedentary lifestyle is known to be one of the main culprits in deteriorating well-being and health. Add to that the pandemic exhaustion along with hectic work-from-home schedules, and it’s been a total explosion of anxiety! From young adults to their parents, everyone has been hit by this perpetual wave of stress that has invariably hampered the physical and mental health of all and one. This in turn has given rise to issues like insomnia, increased hair fall, poor gut health and dropped energy levels. To combat these everyday issues, one needs to work on their lifestyle and diet. And, you can also add herbal supplements for added benefit.

Green Leaf, a newly launched brand by Sheth Brothers offers various herbal supplements that can aid in good health and beauty. The brand is proficient when it comes to applying Ayurvedic recipes to create premium offerings for today’s hustlers. The herbal and clean formulations of these supplements make them safe to consume without fearing any menace. Here are our picks amongst the fourteen variants that they offer.

1. Tagara– Sleep On: Struggling to sleep well? Make these easy-to-consume tablets your bedtime partner for peaceful sleep. This supplement induces calm and mental peace, which helps you sleep like a baby leaving behind the day’s stress. It’s non-addictive, with no side effects. Bring back all the freshness and energy to your mornings with this tablet by your side.

2. Ashwagandha – Build Stamina: Also known as Indian ginseng, ashwagandha helps knock out stress, boosts immunity and makes you energetic. It also has the ability to improve joint disorder. These tablets are great if you have a high-stress lifestyle.

3. Triphala – Vision Hair Care: Triphala literally translates to ‘three fruits’ and is a blend of Indian gooseberry, bibhitaki and haritaki. Each tablet is loaded with Vitamin C coming from the triphala herb that regulates the digestive system and eliminates harmful toxins from the body that can cause issues with eyesight and hair growth. A healthy gut means healthy skin and hair.

4. Brahmi – Neuro Fit: Brahmi is known in Ayurveda for its memory boosting and brain health improving properties. These tablets are perfect for those who are finding it hard to focus and struggling with brain fog. Brahmi helps reduce stress and improves blood circulation, which leads to better performance of the brain. The anti-inflammatory property of this supplement will also help to keep those midday headaches in check.

5.Senna – Viba Cure: Kickstart your day with a Senna tablet to eliminate toxins and improve digestion. This supplement can help treat constipation and bloating issues. Apart from promoting colon health, it also boosts energy. Since this tablet does the job of a laxative, it will save you from discomfort throughout the day.

We’ve seen traditional Ayurvedic remedies pass down from one generation to the other for a reason, and that is its efficacy, with lack of side effects. Green Leaf’s nutraceutical tablets with powerful formulations are perfect to tackle these day-to-day concerns in a simple and safe manner.

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